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May 30,2010

Video: Brooklyn Learns to ‘Just Go With It’

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May 30,2010

Brooklyn Decker Learns to ‘Just Go With It’

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New note from Brookie & her upcoming movie!

Brooklyn Decker Learns to ‘Just Go With It’

Brooklyn Decker gets a big-screen comedy class working with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston on their new comedy, ‘Just Go With It,’ and we’re with the stunning blonde beauty in Hawaii!

Brooklyn plays the object of Adam’s affection in the movie, and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model/cover girl tells ET’s Samantha Harris that Adam himself (who is producing the movie) called her right after the audition to tell her that she won the role!

“Adam called me that night and said, ‘Hey kid, if you want the part it’s yours,’ and next thing I know I’m living in L.A. for six weeks, and now we’re in Hawaii shooting for another six, and it’s just been amazing,” says Brooklyn.

“The cast is absolutely amazing and they’re just the best people to learn from; I can’t imagine a better first big gig,” she continues. “They understand that I’m new and it’s my first film, and Jen is just so encouraging and gives me tips here and there. They’re these great comedians, so to watch them, it’s on another level; it’s really exciting.”

Brooklyn also just celebrated her first wedding anniversary with superstar tennis hubby Andy Roddick, and she says that after a dinner with her co-stars, “Andy turns to me and goes, ‘Do you realize what just happened? You had dinner with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, and these are your co-workers. Look what your life has turned into!’ It was a nice little reality check for me.”

In ‘Just Go With It,’ Adam plays a plastic surgeon who is romancing a younger woman (Brooklyn). In order to cover up a careless lie, Adam enlists his trusty assistant/receptionist, played by Jennifer, to pretend to be his soon-to-be ex-wife. When the plan starts to backfire, everyone heads off to Hawaii for a weekend that will change the course of their lives.

‘Just Go With It’ arrives in theaters February 11, 2011.


May 30,2010

Brookie in Paris

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As we all know, our girl is in Paris supporting her hubby in the French Open & here we have a picture from yesterday (May 29th). She looks as pretty as always!

May 26,2010

‘Just Go With It’ filming it’s over!

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After three months & many locations today was the last day of ‘Just Go With It’ & Brookie made some tweet about it

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap on my first film.. I cried like a baby. After 3 months of shooting, I’m SO proud of the team.

Now she’s heading to Paris & we can’t wait to know if she’s going in a well-deserved vacations or for work! … We’re dying to see some new pictures/modeling work but we also know that she’s been working a lot too, so whatever she’s going for we’re happy for Brookie!

Remember that ‘Just Go With It’ hits theaters next Valentine’s Day!

May 24,2010

Problems with the site

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Guys we had some problems with a virus in our site, & we know that google was flagging us. But we now fixed everything & the site is back in full force, we’re really sorry if we caused some problems.

Here we have the new google report that confirms that our site is free of virus

We’re truly sorry about everything.

BrooklynDeckerFans Staff

May 24,2010

Vote for Brookie!

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As you all know there’s a lot of  ‘Polls’ out there to chose ‘Sexiest Girl’ & blablabla but here we have two that are kind of important …

Esquire ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’: The girl who wins will be on the magazine, & it would be amazing to see Brookie in such an important magazine. Brooklyn already beat some big names like Izabel Goulart & Alessandra Ambrosio, now she’s against fellow model Candice Swanepoel. Vote HERE

Guys Choice Awards ‘Hotter than hell’: This one is important ‘cuz the girls who won awards in the past years (like Marisa Miller, Olivia Wilde & Megan Fox) are invited to the show & it would be great to see Brookie in a red carpet again. She’s against model Miranda Kerr.Vote HERE