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Oct 28,2010

Brooklyn on A Typical Morning on Necker Island

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Photographer Russell James and directs a photo shoot as part of A Typical Morning on Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson!
Catch a live stream at on Saturday (October 30) at 8/7c to hear musical performances by Paul Oakenfold and the twins from Nervo, see video PSAs from surprise guests, have the chance to win prizes during the show and learn more about fistula with Virgin Unite!

Oct 23,2010

Brooklyn’s Chat transcript!

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Finally here is a transcript from Brooklyn’s Facebook chat!

What’s going on with Brooklyn Decker?

On October 15, we had a live chat with this down-to-earth actress/model, and she let us in on her favorite beauty tips, plus shared some details about what she loves and how she spends her time.

Read all about it right here

On Makeup & Hair

Makeup brands… CoverGirl. Simple drugstore products that are really great and trendy. Dr. Haushka… Benefit… CHAPSTICK! The more simple, the better.

Hair—pigtail braids!!! Make them wet then let them dry and shake them out! Smooth and wavy! My favorite look.

Favorite lotion? Satin Care In-Shower Moisturizer … works with the steam in the shower to make your legs soft!

Favorite perfume … Marc Jacobs Rain … and Bvlgari White Tea.

Skin care… LESS IS MORE! Keep your skin clean and use minimal makeup!

I only use Venus too … they are actually made for a woman’s body so you never get cut or get razor burn!

For natural makeup … mascara … lip balm on the eyes and cheeks … and a little bronzer on cheeks so it’s really clean and natural… no foundation … no powder.

Favorite hair product….? Hmmm there’s a product called NO FRIZZ by Living Proof … it’s new technology that has a patent and everything!

On Health & Fitness:

I work out 4-5 days a week, good for body and mind.

Workout playlist … it’s NOT APPROPRIATE!!! Haha lots of Lil Wayne … Eminem … Jay-Z … Killers…

Favorite food–CANDY!!!! Oddly enough, really healthy stuff too … broccoli, blueberries, asparagus … and candy.

I prefer OUTDOORS!!!! 100 million trillion percent!!!!

I use SPF 50 … high up there … want to prevent damage!

On Fashion & Style:

My favorite decade for fashion … hmm … late sixties … early seventies. I love the bohemian easy style of the 60s and something was so fun and innovative about the 70s fashion … very big! I loved it!

Favorite shoes … my Vans … I have black Vans with brown leather laces and plaid insides … I love them … my wardrobe person on my movie said to me the other day, “Those are the most unsexy shoes I’ve ever seen.” Ha I think that’s why I like them.

My LOVE necklace is by Sydney Evan … she makes AMAZING jewelry and that was a gift from her … it’s my favorite jewelry line out there … and that’s coming from someone who isn’t a jewelry person.

Favorite designer … hmmmmmm. Elizabeth and James … Valentino, Chloe … Stella McCartney … TARGET!!! I love Target.

Jeans on Extreme Home Makeover … William Rast … they are GREAT for the bum!

On Her Career & Modeling:

Best thing about my job … well now I have two jobs … modeling and acting … modeling I love the travel … hate traveling by myself though … and acting—I love everything about it … it’s very challenging for me which is so stimulating!

Tell your daughter if she wants to be a model, to look at it as a JOB and not a lifestyle … that’s SO important and the advice I try to follow.

I act and model but CANNOT SING … trust me … I did karaoke last weekend … not pretty.

Greatest person I’ve worked with … I love Heidi Klum … she’s very supportive and sweet … also Adam Sandler … he gave me my big first break and I will always be grateful for that.

Tell your girlfriend not to pay for silly classes or anything if she wants to be a model!! Work hard … and trust her instincts!

…the most interesting thing I’ve done in my career …??? Wow so tough!!! I think this film … shooting on the USS Missouri was moving and historic.

Acting or modeling … interesting … they are both so intertwined nowadays … with actors on covers of mags and doing beauty campaigns … I hope to further my acting career … which can only help on the modeling side.

Random Fun Facts:

My favorite color … blue … there are so many beautiful variations and it relaxes me!

I love both dogs and cats but currently have one pup and no cat!

I WISH I vacationed … I never vacation, never. But when you are working in tropical places, you really can’t complain. I’d rather go home and be mellow on my time off.

My mom was my role model and still is! She’s worked her butt off her whole life and always taught me to be independent!

My favorite actress of all time … I love them ALL!!! Currently Natalie Portman, I like what Blake Lively did in The Town … Meryl Streep of course … Charlize Theron … Marion Cotillard.

I went to Alaska for work and it’s unlike any place I’ve ever seen in my life! So natural and beautiful … I was lucky to see it.    My favorite place to visit OUTSIDE the U.S. … hmmm … Maldives! It was stunning and where I got my SI cover so it’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

What’s my favorite thing I’ve been able to do with my “status” honestly??? Extreme Makeover was incredibly humbling and I loved every minute of that … getting invited to the Super Bowl doesn’t hurt either …

I DO sometimes read celeb sites but try to stay away. I like to completely disconnect from work once I leave set. That means no gossip.

Phobia: toads—they terrify me … I would rather hold 10 snakes than be in a small room with a huge toad … barf.

Just Go With It premiere is FEBRUARY 11!!! I’m so EXCITED!

I’m a wretched tennis player … I’ve maybe lifted a racket four times in my life.

Favorite restaurant in Austin … MOONSHINE and NORTH … beer battered asparagus at Moonshine … and Bruschetta at North.

In Ugly Betty … I am NOT that tall! They put me in giant heels and on a big box so I looked like a giant! Haha. It was hard to balance on that thing.

At my school we didn’t have popular groups … we had theatre groups … athletes … partiers … etc…. I fell into the student council group … I was senior class president haha a goody-goody.

Favorite personal athlete— aside from my husband … I’m a big Peyton Manning fan … he’s a good guy and quite funny. I know you will get mad at this … but TO is REALLY sweet and I like him as well … a good guy!

I am not a Twitter addict!! I just like to share funny anecdotes that happen to me … sometimes I won’t tweet for weeks.

My favorite sport to watch … FOOTBALL!!! I love high school football! My high school team was the NC state champ last year!

My current favorite song that you should ALL DOWNLOAD— is “Home” by the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros … it’s happy and how I’m feeling right at this moment.

Favorite movie of all time… such a tough one! I have so many SO SO many… Closer … Almost Famous … One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

My favorite charity … Special Olympics (my aunt is a Special Olympics athlete) and Andy Roddick Foundation (helping at-risk youth).

I was VERY shocked about the Maxim list and I definitely should not have been in the top 100 … very flattering.

Brooklyn WAS their first name choice … my mom liked Brooke and my dad jokingly suggested my full name … mama loved it and I got it.

Most of my friends are NOT models actually … although I have friends in the biz … only one dear friend of mine is a model … the rest are in North Carolina or Texas … one’s in law school … another in marketing … definitely distant from my crazy fashion world.

Haha photographed at coffee shops a lot … yes, because I drink wayyyy too much coffee … I get a small iced latte with an extra shot! Sometimes with flavor if I’m craving something sweet … like caramel… or chai or something.

My dog is 2 and a half!!! I love her so much! I can’t imagine how much one must love a child!

Embarrassing wardrobe malfunction … yes many shirts going a flying … pants ripping … falling down in heels… you name it … it’s happened to me.

The last book I read …? I started The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo … couldn’t finish it!!! So boring in the beginning!!!!!

I read all the Twilight books in two weeks … LOVED them. Not a huge fan of the movies though … they have to fix those vampire eyes!

iPhone … and Mac. I’m an Apple girl. I love my iPad … I use my computer more though!

Hope you had fun reading through Brooklyn’s answers. She’s so great—we’re glad she was able to join our live chat.


Oct 19,2010

Brooklyn Working out in Hawaii

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(10/14) Working out in Hawaii

Oct 15,2010

Brooklyn Filming Battleship

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(10/15) On the beach in Hawaii

Brooklyn Decker on the beach in Hawaii getting ready to film a scene for her action flick Battleship on Friday (October 15).

The 23-year-old model, who arrived on set earlier this week, definitely was in Battleship mode with her Navy sweatshirt!

Oct 14,2010

LIVE! Chat with Brooklyn Decker, tomorrow!

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Brooklyn is going tohave a live chat in facebook tomorrow! Here is all the information about it. Thanks to Gillette Venus for this amazing idea!

LIVE! Chat with Brooklyn Decker!
Friday, October 15 · 3:00pm – 4:00pm


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More Info

What do you want to know? From her upcoming movie role to how she stays bikini beautiful, Brooklyn Decker is looking forward to answering your questions, here on Facebook.

Log into your Facebook account to chat with this down-to-earth model/actress or just follow the conversation.

Oct 10,2010

Only Best Models!

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Brooklyn Decker Fans  Team is very excited to announce the opening of our new project Only Best Models! It’s a models/fashion related forum to share everything about your favorite models & the unionof eight fan sites!

Not only that, Only Best Models has the very first subforum for our girl Brooklyn Decker, a nice place to share opinions, pictures & everything related to Brookie. We are going to be updating the forum daily & posting all the news about our site as well.

Also on OBM you’ll find subforums for another amazing seven models: Brazilian beauties Adriana Lima, Ana Beatriz Barros, Isabeli Fontana & Izabel Goulart, Israeli cutie Bar Refaeli, American bombshell Hilary Rhoda, & the Russian goddess Irina Shayk!

We hope to see everyone from Brooklyn Decker Fans there!