Page Six Full Interview 1

Brooklyn’s full interview for the Fall Edition of Page Six Magazine. Part 1
Brooklyn Decker, a 5-foot-10 glamazon, is posing for the cover of Page Six Magazine for her first-ever shoot on the Brooklyn Bridge, clad in an eye-popping copper corset dress. She tosses her hair and arches her back a little for the camera, forcing her spiked bodice to stand at attention. All of a sudden, one male onlooker becomes so undone he drops his iPhone—which a cyclist promptly runs over and smashes to pieces. Stunned at the madcap chain of events, Brooklyn mouths “sorry” to the phone’s owner, who is standing there, gobsmacked. A crowd of tourists do double takes, trying to absorb the sight of the curvy knockout clad in four-inch heels on this steamy August afternoon.

Smashed electronics and gawking fans are all in a day’s work for Brooklyn, who barely seems to notice that everywhere she goes, she causes whiplash.

“I think when people see me, they think, ‘Oh, she’s like a really cute college girl,'” Brooklyn tells Page Six Magazine the next day, over lunch at an outdoor café. “A producer recently gave me this weird compliment. He said, ‘You’re surprisingly unsexy. In film and pictures you turn it on and give the look, and then in person you’re a totally different human being.’ Which is good, because I don’t want to be Brooklyn Decker all the time.”
THE HARBOR IS HAPPENING: Brooklyn strikes a pose on the Water Taxi, clad in a show-stopping orange dress by CD Greene ($10,500). In her real life, she leaves the Walter Steiger stilettos ($900) at home and rides the F train into the city.

The 23-year-old has had quite a year. In February she landed the cover of Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue, joining the ranks of past superfamous cover models, such as Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and Bar Refaeli. In May she wrapped her very first movie (Just Go With It, starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, out early next year). And in June Esquire’s readers named her “Sexiest Woman Alive 2010.” She also became the face of Elle’s fashion, beauty and fitness DVDs, capitalizing on her toned curves. Then there’s her high-profile marriage to tennis star Andy Roddick, who tracked her down after he saw her in Sports Illustrated’s 2007 swimsuit edition. (Yes, you can do that when you’re a famous athlete.) The pair wed in 2009. Considering all her good fortune, you would think she might start believing her own hype.

But Brooklyn would rather avoid the attention and nerd out on interior design in her new home in Dumbo, Brooklyn. She and Andy bought a condo there in January, and she has quickly fallen in love with the fashionably quirky cobbled neighborhood and its environs. “Barneys Co-Op is coming, and I’m so excited,” Brooklyn says of the new outpost of the designer department store scheduled to open in October in Cobble Hill. “It’s symbolic of how much Brooklyn has changed, even from like five years ago. I love how people here are so creative and artsy.”

Before moving to the borough, Brooklyn lived in Manhattan for four years, jetting from modeling gigs to movie auditions to tennis tournaments. “Coming home after a job and hearing honking, I just needed to get out of Manhattan,” she says. “And we have a dog, Billie Jean, and we wanted her to have space. I grew up in North Carolina, and we spend a lot of our time in Austin, Texas, so Brooklyn is a happy medium. You have Manhattan living, but you still get the neighborhood feel. I’m a total sucker. Now every time I land at JFK or LaGuardia I get so excited, whereas before I used to get stressed out.”

Although it would make for a better story if Brooklyn were named after the borough, she is actually named after a horse. “My mom’s best friend had a horse named Brook, and she always loved the name, so I got Brooklyn. I used to be adamant about not moving here, because I thought it would be ridiculous, me living in Brooklyn with the name Brooklyn. I realized I loved it too much not to. But I go to my local coffee shop and take out my credit card, and they’re like, ‘Brooklyn—really? Is this a joke?'”

Andy proposed in March 2008, and the following April, when Brooklyn was 22 and he was 26, they were married in a candlelit ceremony at his home in Austin (the two are currently remodeling a new place there). The bride wore Vera Wang. The guests included Andre Agassi. Oh, and the musical entertainment? Elton Freakin’ John.

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