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Aug 21,2013

Brooklyn Decker, Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey Have Best Girls’ Night Ever

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Brooklyn Decker, Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey Have Best Girls’ Night Ever

The Huffington Post  |  By Debra Lipson
Posted: 08/20/2013 8:56 am EDT  |  Updated: 08/20/2013 8:56 am EDT

Brooklyn Decker Jenna Fischer
Monday nights are no longer for football. Instead, they’re all about margaritas, cheese plates and fitness DVDS, if you’re Brooklyn Decker, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey.

Luckily, the three funny ladies shared their epic evening entertainment of homemade drinks, munchies and the Tracy Anderson method through social media.

Decker filmed the “Office” stars feeling the burn and showing their impressive moves.

We’re totally jealous of their girls’ night — it looks hilarious! Can we get an invite for next week?


Aug 20,2013

Brooklyn & Andy on how they met and deciding on Andy’s retirement

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This is quite rare as Brooklyn & Andy are very private about their lives but they did an interview together for Andy’s interview for a HBO show, they discuss how they met and how Andy decided with Brooklyn to retire from tennis.

Roddick on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Excerpt

by Staff | August 19th, 2013

Now in its 19th season, REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL, TV’s only sports program recognized with a prestigious 2012 George Foster Peabody Award, presents more enterprising features and reporting when its 197th edition, available in HDTV, debuts at a special time TUESDAY, AUG. 20 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO.

Segments include: Andy Roddick, now 30, retired from tennis in Aug. 2012 after a fourth-round exit at the US Open, where he captured his lone Grand Slam title in 2003. Retirement has changed not only Roddick’s life, but also the face of American tennis. Meanwhile, the outspoken Roddick has found a niche in broadcasting, recently signing on to co-host “Fox Sports Live” on the newly established Fox Sports 1 network. In this REAL SPORTS/Sports Illustrated collaboration, Roddick sits down with correspondent Mary Carillo on the eve of the 2013 US Open to talk about his post-tennis endeavors and the state of the game they both love. Also interviewed is Roddick’s wife, former supermodel Brooklyn Decker.


Andy Roddick did not plan on retiring after his 13th US Open last summer, but two days after arriving in New York he says that something felt very different when he woke up.

ANDY RODDICK: “I woke up and — I was kinda pacing around my hotel room for an hour or so.  Brooklyn was out — kinda running some errands. And I said, ‘You need to come back ’cause I’m kind of in a weird deal right now.’”

BROOKLYN DECKER: “And I came home. And he said, ‘This is it.’ That’s exactly what he said. He said, ‘I am done.  This is it.’”

Roddick’s wife, the former supermodel Brooklyn Decker, explains further about the day he decided to leave the game of tennis.

BROOKLYN DECKER: “It was his 30th birthday. Oh, such an emotional day. And I said, ‘Do you want to wait on this, and — and just maybe sleep on it, and announce it tomorrow? You know — are you in a bad mood today? You know, are you on your period?’ I asked him all the questions one would.”

ANDY RODDICK: “We talked it out and — that was that. I decided at 10:00 that morning and I was at a press conference at 5:00 or 6:00 that evening.”

Roddick and Decker discuss how they came to be a couple.

BROOKLYN DECKER: “Andy will tell you that he quote-unquote stalked me. I just thought it was incredibly creepy that I got a random call saying, ‘Hey, this guy wants your number.’ I mean, it’s — it’s a little weird. So I’m like, ‘No, that’s — no thank you. Like, if we can meet, he can come up to me and ask for my number. But it’s not gonna be through his agent.’ So five months goes by. My agent showed me a press conference from the Aussie Open in ’07.  Yeah…”

MARY CARILLO: “It’s a classic.”

BROOKLYN DECKER: “It’s a classic.”


BROOKLYN DECKER: “So he shows me the press conference. And I was like, ‘This guy is pretty funny.’ He came to New York for our first date. And we’ve been together ever since.”

ANDY RODDICK: “I didn’t know that until yesterday. She said she had watched videos and said I was funny, but I didn’t know it was that one specifically.”

MARY CARILLO: “That press conference has done a lot for you.”

ANDY RODDICK:  “It’s done a lot for me, we’re standing here probably because of it too.”

The golden age of American tennis had produced one superstar after another. From Connors and McEnroe…to Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras. Roddick was supposed to be next.

ANDY RODDICK: “Everyone wanted me to be Pete or Andre, and I would’ve loved to have been those guys, you know. And I would’ve loved nothing more. But I slept well at night knowing that I had had a productive day and kinda built towards the goal of winning another one. It didn’t happen. But I put myself in position a lot. And it was real close.”

Roddick made it to four more Grand Slam finals. All four times he lost to Roger Federer.

ANDY RODDICK: “I was very good for a long time and I think people respect the way I went about it.  And — you know frankly the fact that I was a smart-ass probably got some play also.”

Retirement didn’t last long for Andy Roddick. When Fox Sports was looking for just the right personalities for their brand new 24-hour sports network, Roddick was an unlikely choice.

ANDY RODDICK: “They were hiring me because they understood my personality and they didn’t wanna like, rein it in, they just wanna make sure that I don’t get ‘em kicked off the air — you know.”

MARY CARILLO: “And you’re gonna get to wear makeup.”

ANDY RODDICK: “I know. It’s completely emasculating. ‘Andy, makeup.’ I’m like, ‘I’m good today. I’m feelin’ really good about where my skin’s at today. I think we’re good.’ Doesn’t work.”

Andy reflects on the manner in which he chose to retire.

ANDY RODDICK: “I think I got it right. I’m positive I got it right. And I’ve talked about it — you know, with some friends. And they were like, ‘We can’t believe you just pulled the trigger like that, gone.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, it was — it was ballsy. It probably wasn’t smart.’  But it went exactly how I wanted it to go.”


Aug 08,2013

Friends With Better Lives has started production

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Thanks to a picture from Brooklyn’s Instagram account we now know that she has officially started production of her new TV project Friends With Better Lives.


We still don’t know too much about the show or when it will premiere but CBS did announce it will be a mid-season show we’re expecting the show to make its debut during the winter. As always we will be posting everything as soon as we find out.

Jul 28,2013

On set of Stretch

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Brooklyn was once again spotted in Los Angeles, California filming scenes for her upcoming movie Stretch. As you’ll notice in the pictures, Brooklyn’s blonde signature look is back in full force! Check out her new look in the pictures in our gallery.

Jul 17,2013

Why Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick chose to live the high life in Cashiers

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Why Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick chose to live the high life in Cashiers

By Sam Boykin

Cedar Creek Racquet Club is on a private estate in Cashiers and features six clay courts, including a 2,000-seat stadium court, pro shop, and clubhouse with a three-level main dining room and pub. Reserved tickets are $100. Fans can also choose from an array of luxury box tickets, VIP tickets and group packages;
When former world No. 1 tennis player Andy Roddick retired last year, he could have chosen anywhere in the world to kick back and relax with his wife, model/actress and former Matthews resident Brooklyn Decker.

But instead of Florida, California, or some more exotic location, the couple are putting down roots in tiny Cashiers (pop. 1,974), situated in western North Carolina on the highest plateau of the Blue Ridge Mountains at 3,487 feet.

To help give back to their new seasonal home, they’re hosting the UCB Mountain Challenge at Cedar Creek Racquet Club July 27. The event, during which Roddick will take on another former No. 1 tennis player, Jim Courier, benefits the Mountain Youth Charities, which helps needy kids in the area.

At first glance, the Roddick’s decision to purchase a home in Cashiers might seem a little eccentric, until you consider the luxurious and scenic beauty of the area, about 150 miles west of Charlotte.

The vibe is on full display at destinations like High Hampton Inn & Country Club. The rustic stone-and-wood mountain inn is situated on 1,400 acres overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. It boasts 116 guest rooms and suites in the main lodge and 17 one- to four-bedroom cottages. Accommodations are woodsy but elegant, with hand-hewn twig and mountain-crafted furnishings; many of the cottages have fireplaces and screened porches.

Originally a summer retreat for Civil War General Wade Hampton and his family in the mid-1800s, High Hampton opened as an inn in 1922. Here it’s all about unplugging – there are no televisions or telephones in the guest rooms – and settling into the area’s relaxed pace of life.

The property features tennis courts, a 35-acre lake for swimming, boating and fishing, and an 18-hole George W. Cobb-designed golf course where you can even rent a llama to be your caddy. The dining room serves Southern favorites like fried chicken and rainbow trout, along with local vegetables and produce. A European spa offers a plethora of body treatments.

Other popular accommodations in Cashiers include Laurelwood Mountain Inn, with its contemporary cabin motif in the heart of downtown. Another big draw in Cashiers is Panthertown Valley, which has been dubbed the “Yosemite of the East.” This unspoiled, 6,700-acre stretch of land in the Nantahala National Forest has a network of primitive hiking trails that wind past waterfalls, granite domes, and creeks.

Cashiers’charming downtown Village Green has a number of quaint antique shops, boutiques, and art galleries. There are also several excellent restaurants in the area. At Canyon Kitchen, located in the private, 800-acre Lonesome Valley community, noted chef John Fleer uses fresh, local ingredients. And the Cornucopia has been one of Cashier’s most popular restaurants since 1979. Summer rates at the High Hampton start at $150 a night.



About 10 miles southwest of Cashiers in Highlands is Old Edwards Inn and Spa, another upscale retreat.

Selected by the readers of Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler as one of the world’s best hotels, Old Edwards Inn and Spa has undergone nearly $100 million in renovations over the past decade.

Situated at 4,118 feet above sea level, the inn has a variety of plush rooms and suites, some of which have private terraces and rooftop views of downtown Highlands. For a more rustic and private setting, there are lodges and cottages, including the new Falls Cottages. The multi-bedroom wood-and-stone cottages surround a heated outdoor pool and are just steps away from a café, theater room and bar.

There are five restaurants, and guests can also enjoy the Tom Jackson–designed golf course and the elegant, 25,000-square-foot spa, which features a full lineup of body treatments and massages.

Nearby attractions include downtown Highlands, which is bustling with boutiques, shops, restaurants, and art galleries. There are also several scenic hiking trails nearby, including one that winds through Nantahala National Forest to the stunning 70-foot Glen Falls. Old Edwards Inn and Spa summer rates start at $280 a night.


Lake Toxaway

Located on the shores of North Carolina’s largest private lake, the elegant Greystone Inn is less than 15 miles east of Cashiers at Lake Toxaway, a premier resort and residential community. This AAA Four-Diamond property has 28 guest rooms and several lakeside suites.

The property dates back to the late 1800s, when Pittsburgh entrepreneur E.H. Jennings founded the Toxaway Company in 1896 – toxaway is the Cherokee word for “red bird,” a nod to the many cardinals in the area – and carved into the remote and rugged land a 640-acre lake.

Jennings built the 250-room The Toxaway Inn in 1903, and for years the luxury resort attracted the rich and powerful, including Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone and John D. Rockefeller. But the good times came to an abrupt end in 1916 when Lake Toxaway’s dam broke and the lake emptied overnight. The Depression further hastened its demise, and after sitting empty for more than 30 years, the inn was torn down in 1948 after a fire.

It wasn’t until the late 1950s that South Carolina developer Reg Heinitsh and his son, Reg Heinitsh Jr., started rebuilding the abandoned community, including refilling the lake in 1961. They later developed homes around the property and opened The Greystone Inn in 1985.

Today, the property has a full lineup of amenities, including the Lake Toxaway Country Club, Kris Spence-designed championship golf course, tennis courts, spa, fitness center, and lakeside dining room that serves seven-course gourmet meals. Nightly rates start at $380 and include breakfast, afternoon tea, hors d’oeuvres, six-course dinner and champagne cruise.




Jul 16,2013

Stretch has begun filming

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As we previously reported, Brooklyn’s new movie project Stretch has begun filming this past week. Here are the first two pictures of Brooklyn on set.

789567479 789567235

Also, the first images from SI’s Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful were just released in Amazon and we’ve got the first two previews of Brooklyn. The first image it’s from her cover shoot in 2010 and it’s the first image of the 2000 era. The second image features Brooklyn’s 2011 Hawaii photoshoot along with Irina Shayk & Christie Brinkley.

We will be posting more as we get more updates.