Apr 09,2014

Brooklyn at ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ in NYC

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Brooklyn Decker at ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ talking about modeling and #FWBL


(04/08) Brooklyn at ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ in NYC


Apr 06,2014

Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick at LAX

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Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick are seen at LAX airport.


(04/06) Brooklyn Decker & Andy Roddick at LAX airport.

Apr 04,2014

Why Does Brooklyn Decker Call Herself An A-Hole?

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YourTango: Your character Jules just got engaged. Did it remind you of your own engagement?

Brooklyn Decker: Not really. It was very unglamorous. It was an unplanned, hasty proposal but it worked! Jules and I have a lot of similarities, though. I feel like we’re both optimists, quite energetic, friendly people in our groups of friends but at the same time we’re quite different. I would like to think I’m more grounded, however I’m not sure that’s necessarily always true. I can relate to what she’s going through, but to be honest, Andi (Majandra Delfino) is the most similar to me. She’s the core of the group; she’s a family person. There’s something really relatable about her. Her priorities are similar to mine.

YourTango: Do you have a close group of friends like on the show?
Brooklyn Decker:
 I do. I have a lot of friends like Kate (Zoe Lister-Jones). We live in L.A. so of course there’s some snark involved.

YourTango: What’s the key to making your relationship work?
Brooklyn Decker:
 Laughter. It’s pretty easy — it’s as simple as laughing.

Your Tango: Do you ever argue?
Brooklyn Decker:
 Absolutely. I’m human! I was on the debate team so I love it. And I’m also an asshole. I am very bullheaded and stubborn and I like to be right all the time. So I’m not the easiest person.

YourTango: Any plans to have kids?
Brooklyn Decker:
 I want a lot of babies. I have no idea when but hopefully I’ll have a lot. But until then I have Majandra’s baby Louie to keep me occupied. We visited Majandra in the hospital when she had him. We were with her from the time she found out she was pregnant.

YourTango: You stopped modeling a couple of years ago. Why? And do you miss it?
Brooklyn Decker:
 No. It wasn’t the business for me. It didn’t fulfill me in any way, but I think models don’t get enough credit for the business minds that they have. I made the decision to commit to acting, so I stepped away from it.

YourTango: You have a couple of movies due out this year.
Brooklyn Decker:
 Yes, one is called Stretch. It’s an action dramedy. The other one is calledCasual Encounters. It’s a little romantic comedy. I’m involved with Taran Killam in that.

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Apr 04,2014

What Makes Brooklyn Laugh

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ESQUIRE.COM: This is your first big role in a TV comedy. Are you a funny person?

BROOKLYN DECKER: I’m more one of those people you laugh at and not with. I’m not the one with the jokes, I’m the one who falls on her face going up a flight of steps. I’ve made people laugh my whole life, it’s never been willingly. This was a highly different format for me: having jokes, letting them breathe, and making people laugh at you.

ESQ: What’s your type of humor?

BD: I have a very dirty sense of humor.

ESQ: You do?

BD: Yeah, I like pressing the envelope. I think it’s funny when something bold comes out of someone’s mouth that you’re not expecting, things that catch you off guard. That’s what I really like. I like an English sense of humor: dry, dirty, a little bit off. That’s kind of my taste.

ESQ: One of the first lines that comes out of your character Jules’s mouth is “I had sex for 12 straight hours.” Have you ever known anyone who’s been open about their sex habits like that?

BD: I have a group of friends who are very open in that way. I feel like I’m more of the Andy-Bobby [played by Majandra Delfino and Kevin Connolly] couple in my life. Most of my friends have lived at my house, we talk about everything, there are no boundaries. For me, that’s something people would talk about. But I have personally never known a person to have sex for 12 hours straight, no.

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Apr 04,2014

Brooklyn Decker talking about “Friends with Better Lives” on WISH-TV

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Brooklyn Decker on WISH-TV talking about her new show, “Friends With Better Lives”

Apr 04,2014

BTS of #FWBL Cast Photo Shoot for TV Guide Magazine!

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Join Friends With Better Lives stars James Van Der Beek, Brooklyn Decker, Kevin Connolly, Rick Donald and Majandra Delfino on their photo shoot with TV Guide Magazine! Pick up this week’s issue of TV Guide Magazine.

Apr 02,2014

Google Hangout with James Van Der Beek and Brooklyn Decker

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In case you missed it here is the video of James Van Der Beek and Brooklyn Decker with EW on Google Hangout

Apr 01,2014

‘Friends With Better Lives’ – Episode 1 Screencaptures

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It finally happened! Brooklyn’s new sit-com premiered last night (March 31st) to a solid 8 million viewers! We have added screencaptures from the first episode to our gallery and we will be updating as the new episodes come out.

Brooklyn Decker - FWBL Brooklyn Decker - FWBL Brooklyn Decker - FWBLBrooklyn Decker - FWBL

Friends With Better Lives airs Monday’s at 8:30/7:30c pm on CBS

Mar 31,2014

Brooklyn Decker on EXTRA promoting #FWBL

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Brooklyn Decker modeled a form-fitting red mini dress while stopping by the set of Extra on Monday with co-star James Van Der Beek to promote their sitcom Friends With Better Lives.


(03/31) ‘Extra’ at Universal CityWalk in Universal City, California

Mar 30,2014

EW Hangout with “Friends With Better Lives” stars James van der Beek and Brooklyn Decker

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After Monday’s series finale of How I Met Your Mother, a new gang of friends is going to vie for your hearts via CBS’s new comedy, Friends with Better Lives.
And to celebrate the series premiere, EW is hosting a Google+ Hangout with two of the show’s stars, James Van Der Beek and Brooklyn Decker.
The chat kicks off Monday at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT. To watch and/or take part in our Q&A, visit the event page here. There will be fun, games, and probably more than one reference to Dawson’s Creek, so you won’t want to miss it.