Oct 17,2012

Brooklyn Decker Becomes A “Lazy” Brunette

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Brooklyn Decker shows off a new look Monday during God’s Love We Deliver’s 2012 Golden Heart Awards held at Great Hall’s Cunard Building in NYC.

The model/actress, 25, who is married to retired tennis pro Andy Roddick, explains the story behind why she darkened her locks.

“It just happened about an hour ago, so I’m still getting used to it,” she says. “I really like it.”

Hm, why did she do it?

“No reason at all. I just decided I wanted to have brown hair, so a friend of mine dyed it an hour ago.”

She adds, “I think it will be easier not to have to maintain with the highlights and the roots. I’m kind of a lazy girl, so for me, it just all makes sense.”

Making things easy is key for Brooklyn, who believes looking one’s best shouldn’t require hours pent-up in the gym.

“Stay outside,” she tells me of her stay-sexy tip. “Stay outdoors, because it’s really fun, and you’re working out without even realizing it. It’s a blast.”

And how is Andy enjoying his retirement?

“He’s playing a lot of golf — that’s his short-term, long-term and every-day plan.”

Brooklyn joins Gwyneth Paltrow, Seth Meyers; Victoria Secret stunners Erin Heatherton, Chanel Iman, Karolina Kurkova; Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, Bette Midler, Olivia Munn, Nina Garcia, plus Patti Hansen and daughters Alexandra and Theodora Richards inside the event, which honors those who help provide meals for those living with severe illnesses.

Source: OK Magazine


Oct 15,2012

The God’s Love We Deliver 2012 Golden Heart Awards

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Brooklyn Decker attends the God’s Love We Deliver 2012 Golden Heart Awards Celebration at Cunard Building on October 15, 2012 in New York City.


(10/15) God’s Love We Deliver 2012 Golden Heart Awards

Oct 11,2012

Brooklyn Decker & Christine Teigen spend 9/11 with troops in the middle east

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Actress Brooklyn Decker and TV personality Christine “Chrissy” Teigen, both models, wrapped up their first ever USO tour this past week. The two ladies spent time with troops in the Middle East on 9/11 to personally thank our servicemen and women while out on tour. The entertainment duo focused on lifting the spirits of the troops and bringing laughter and smiles to the many faces there.

The ladies visited hundreds of troops while touring overseas. They took time to autograph magazines and DVD covers. Decker and Teigen also posed for photos, took part in the daily activities on base and extended America’s thanks to our troops – all with huge, goofy grins.

Decker and Teigen both made their major debuts in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues in 2006 and 2010, respectively. Decker can be seen in her most recent role in Peter Berg’s summer movie “Battleship,” a fiction naval war film. Other big screen credits for Decker include “Just Go With It” with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston, and the 2012 release of “What to Expect When You are Expecting.” The Hollywood star expressed her anticipation of her first USO tour.

“I’m so honored to take part in my first USO tour and give thanks to the men and women currently serving their time in the Middle East,” said Brooklyn Decker.

In addition to her modeling in fashion and sports magazines, Teigen plays guest host and correspondent roles on E! Entertainment and “EXTRA.” Last month, Nine West announced its third annual Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) and named Teigen as one of eight models to be photographed by USO tour veteran and industry-respected photographer Nigel Barker as part of the fundraising campaign. Despite her busy onscreen schedule, leading up to the tour, Teigen expressed her excitement in meeting our troops overseas.

“I know this experience will be unforgettable, and I can’t wait to let our troops know how much their sacrifice is appreciated.”

“I actually reached out to the USO myself!” she said. “I’ve been wanting to do a tour for years. While shooting ‘Battleship,’ I became quite close with Col. Greg Gadson, who is very involved in the USO. I basically pressured him to help me out!”

“We tried to be extra goofy and fun just because well, let’s face it, Brooklyn and I have no singing or dancing talents to bring to these people!” Teigen said. “We had to do something!”

“I’ve always had a soft spot for the military,” Decker said. “It might be because of my North Carolina upbringing where a lot of people choose that path, but I knew the USO was an integral part in supporting the military and making sure our troops are well taken care of while they serve our country. I feel that if I’m not serving, I should help to support our troops as much as possible.”

“I’m always taken aback by how young our troops are, how committed they are and the high moral standard that they are held to,” Decker said. “It’s just impressive all around. I don’t know many 20-somethings that can be that selfless.”

“It was inspiring to see firsthand the things our troops risk and leave behind to be there,” Teigen said. “I feel like this is just the beginning. When I think of tour, I think of multiple stops. This is just the first stop!”


(09/11) The Kuwait Naval Base with Chrissy Teigen

Oct 05,2012

Where I Go: Brooklyn Decker

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Where I Go: Brooklyn Decker

If she’s not on a film set or at a cover shoot, the beautiful model turned actress and wife of Andy Roddick trades the glitz for the great outdoors. Her tips for camping on an Alaskan wildlife refuge (bring red wine!).

 Anthony Rotunno and Dana Mathews

To get away from it all, I go to . . .The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. I recently went on a Sierra Club outing there.

My favorite way to travel there is . . . It took about four planes to get to the Brooks Range, which was our base. We were about as “off the grid” as one could get.

My favorite place to stay is . . . Some of my best nights of sleep have been in a tent. I really love being outdoors. The third night there I woke up to the Northern Lights, which was one of the more spectacular things I’ve experienced.

My ideal travel companions are . . .My little brother came with me on this trip. He might be the only person I know who is more adventurous than I am.


My favorite travel pastime is . . . I recently switched from traveling with books to using iBooks. I’m still conflicted, but it definitely makes travel a bit easier.

When I’m in the mood for room service, my favorite order is . . . There’s no room service in the Arctic. That being said, it’s surprising how good camp food can taste when you’ve been hiking and rafting all day. My biggest indulgence on vacation is red wine, and I don’t discriminate—I’ll try any kind.

Upon arrival, I most look forward to . . . I try to read books about the places that I travel to, and I almost always have music playing. I love vacation, but folk, rock, and a bit of country always take me home and that makes me happy on a trip.

To stay in shape, my on-the-go fitness regime is . . . Rafting, kayaking, hiking—you name it, I’ll try it. If I’m not active on vacation I find it to be a bit dull; so wherever I go has to have rigorous outdoor activities.

My suitcase must absolutely contain . . . My music. I’ve been known to make trip playlists. There’s nothing better than taking a moment for yourself on vacation and playing your favorite tunes. The songs will always take you back to that beautiful time and place.

When it comes to luggage, I’m an . . . Underpacker, which sounds low maintenance, but it actually ends up being really expensive!

My favorite best-kept secret about Alaska is . . . The entire Alaskan Arctic is our country’s best-kept secret, in my opinion.

When I’m in the mood to paint the town red, I go to . . . Camping trips are actually great for “painting the town red.” You’re in the middle of the woods, and can pretty much do whatever you want with very little consequence. As a kid I remember my parents having a grand ol’ time. Now I just have to convince my friends that it’s fun being grimy for a few days!

Upon departing Alaska, I am most happy to leave behind . . . Dry shampoo. You have no idea how nice a shower feels after almost a week in the wilderness.


Sep 26,2012

Brooklyn Decker: ‘I’m No Triple Threat’

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She’s made a career for herself in modeling and movies, and now, Brooklyn Decker is ready to tackle a new challenge: the stage.

Just don’t ask her to sing or dance.

“I am no triple threat,” Decker, 25, told PEOPLE at the 7th Annual Andy Roddick Foundation Charity Gala at the W Hotel in Austin on Friday night. “Not even a little bit. Not even a tiny smidge. At all.”

Decker joined newly retired husband Andy Roddick, 30, as well as John Legend, who performed at the event – and smiling newlyweds Matthew McConaughey and Camila, who is expecting the couple’s third child – at the event to raise money for theAndy Roddick Foundation.

“I’ve never done any theater, but I am trying to read for a few plays and hopefully I will get something by the end of this year in New York,” says Decker. “I might as well dive in head first.”

But she and Roddick did oblige Legend when he called them onstage for a little slow dancing before the crowd, who helped raise over a million dollars for the foundation (including a winning $18,000 bid from the McConaugheys on a VIP all-access package for the Austin radio programThe Bobby Bones Show). Roddick plans to build a 10,000 sq-ft, eight court tennis and learning facility for kids in Austin.

“I plan to be more hands on with this foundation,” Roddick told PEOPLE. “[My] decision to retire wasn’t an accident. It was getting to the point that it was harder and harder to leave Austin. When I was on the road, I missed home a lot and when I was home I didn’t miss the road so much, so it was a pretty easy decision for me.”

Decker says Roddick’s dedication to the ARF, which he launched in 2000, is part of the reason she fell for him.

“The fact that Andy does work for kids doesn’t hurt when you are looking at a checklist for a guy,” she says. “He loves kids, he does great things in his community.”

Source: People

Sep 06,2012

The Fall Installment Of The Shops At Target

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Brooklyn Decker attends the celebration of the fall installment of the Shops at Target on Wednesday (September 5) at Highline Stages in New York City.


(09/05) The Shops At Target Fall Installment Launch Celebration in New York City