May 27,2011

Throw that scale away!

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Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker may have made a splash in a teeny-tiny yellow bikini in her debut film, “Just Go With It,” but the Ohio native has a unique piece of advice on how to get her killer figure: Chuck the scale!

“Throw it out the window,” declares Decker. “I got rid of mine three years ago, and I haven’t been on one since. When you put on muscle, you gain weight, and it has nothing to do with size.”

The bodacious blonde doesn’t waste time dreaming of cheeseburgers, “Eating is more fulfilling if you talk about what you should eat rather than what you shouldn’t,” the 24-year old explained to Self magazine. “Instead of worrying about what foods might have too much fat or sugar, think, ‘Oh I should eat these blueberries for the antioxidants.’”

Decker eats “clean” throughout the day, “For breakfast, I usually have Greek yogurt and lots of berries or an egg-white omelet,” she tells Us Weekly.

For snacks, Decker goes nuts, “(They’re) my favorite snack,” she says. “I love nuts, I love berries, and I love hummus, so I’ll have hummus with carrots or pita. And, for me, I think snacking’s so important. When you snack, it helps maintain your metabolism throughout the day. You don’t get hungry, and you fill your body with nutrients.”

To get Decker’s bikini-ready body, you have to eat right and (gulp!) exercise, “I’m curvier and more athletic than the typical-size model, so I work out,” she explained to OK! magazine. “A lot of girls are like ‘I eat a cheeseburger, and I’m a size zero.’ Me? No way! I have to workout, and it’s part of my life and I love it. I do yoga, cardio, boxing – everything. For me, it’s about mixing things up and staying in shape.”

Yoga is one of Decker’s favorite exercises, ” I noticed it really enhanced my other workouts because I work out like an athlete,” she explains. “I go for long runs or spin classes and I do weights, which I think a lot of women are scared of. I think it’s so important to do weights, because they don’t make you bigger, they make you more lean and toned and all that good stuff.”

Decker lifts weights faithfully, “I do free weights three days a week,” she says. “I do walking lunges with a weight, then squats, then rotating twists with a plate on my chest, and then arms, too. Having more muscle means burning more calories, which is a reason guys lose weight faster than women. Lifting makes me leaner.”

And to keep your stomach as flat as Decker’s, do sit-ups—every day, “Do 10 or 15 or 20 or 50, however many you can do. Just do them. If your core is strong your back will be strong.”

Decker’s final piece of bikini advice? “The most important thing is to have a suit that covers enough and supports your boobies! At the beach, you don’t want to be vulgar, you want to feel radiant.”

May 21,2011

Videos: UNICEF Presents Playlist With The A-List

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We added some videos of Brooklyn at UNICEF Presents Playlist With The A-List including a preview of her performance!


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Performance with Angela Kinsey

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May 20,2011

Videos of Brooklyn at AOL Studios

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As you know Brooklyn was at AOL Studios in Los Angeles, California to talk about the Special Olympics, she introduces us to Jesse Canterbury who is a competitor in this Summer’s Special Olympics in Athens, Greece. They give us insight on the amazing history and impact of the events around the world. We added some videos to our video gallery. Thanks to AOL and

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May 20,2011

Brooklyn Decker Shares Their Summer Essentials!

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Last night, two very stylish ladies, Brooklyn Decker and Vanessa Hudgens, attended the launch in NYC. It might have been raining mad outside, but the two were still in a Summer state of mind, dishing on their vacation plans, favorite NYC haunts, and warm-weather must haves. High-waisted shorts and maxi dresses from Planet Blue were Vanessa’s top picks, “Planet Blue does one by their line called Blu Moon and it’s amazing, super-low drop back like a ruffle in the front, and a ruffle down the back. It comes in all different prints and is a super-easy go-to,” said Hudgens.

Hear what Brooklyn has to say about Summer musts:

  • On some of her favorite designers: “I really love what Erdem and Dolce & Gabbana are doing. They’re doing all of that vintage lace and it’s really beautiful. I’m wearing the little lace Dolce & Gabbana booties, which I love. They’re fun, but still feel really classic and vintage. So that’s really cool. And I always love Elizabeth and James.”
  • On comfy Summer shoes: “I recently bought three pairs of Toms shoes, which are just a really cool cause and the guy is from Austin, so I bought them in Austin. They’re the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever wear. So I’ve been wearing a lot of those.”

May 20,2011

Brooklyn Decker’s Drastic Haircut: No Regrets

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She shocked fans after revealing her dramatically shorter do via Twitter in March, but Brooklyn Decker has only good things to say about her new bobbed look. “I love it. I thought I was going to have that one moment of regret that you usually do when you chop off 10 inches but not one time have I ever regretted it,” the Sports Illustrated model told reporters this week at the New York City launch of Amazon’s new fashion website, But while drastic, lopping off her locks was by no means an impulse decision. “I love any change. I’ve been dying to chop it, shave it off, dye it black for forever but no one would let me do it.” And the Just Go With It star is enjoying the perks of her shorter style. “It’s so easy [and] I can’t hide behind my hair anymore which is actually kind of nice,” she admitted. “I would wear things and sort of be sloppy and because I had long hair I could cover it up, but now I have to try a little bit harder so it’s good.” So is another change in the near future? Asked if she too would go red like some of Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies recently have, Decker replied, “I would love to.” –Shruti Dhalwala

May 19,2011

Brooklyn’s summer plans

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Brooklyn spoke to Modelinia yesterday at the launch about her summer plans & here’s a nice note about it

Escaping the Rain with Brooklyn

As a respite to the endless rain that’s currently haunting New York residents, MyHabit hosted a party on Skylight West’s rooftop on Wednesday night, complete with a tent to keep revelers safe from the rain. Decorated like a chic backyard, complete with black and white striped couches and plants as accessories, the roof was a welcome way to party outside, sans the requisite umbrellas.

The reason to toast? The launch of MyHabit and their partnership with the CFDA Fashion Incubators, a collaboration of the designers resulting in limited edition t-shirts. The result? A brand new shopping site to become addicted to and twelve new t-shirts to covet thanks to the CFDA Incubator designers.

Seeing as online shopping has easily become part of everyone’s daily routine, it’s hardly difficult to convince the style obsessed to check out another sales site. Already a online shopping convert, Brooklyn Decker discussed her love for the habit of web surfing and purchasing, explaining, “Online is such an easier way to shop, especially when you’re traveling. The dressing room is completely unflattering sometimes.” Also unflattering is the humidity and rain that New York is currently experiencing, though Brooklyn’s trying her hardest to wish away the bad weather by living in bright colors, like the hot yellow dress from Zara she picked out for the party.

As for the summer, which will eventually arrive, Brooklyn’s aiming to spend time on her lake in Austin and visit Greece, as part of the upcoming Special Olympics celebration. “I’m really really hoping to get there,” she said, “because it’s only once every four years. We have 300 athletes coming out from the United States going, so its a really big deal. [In Austin] I’m really looking forward to being on the lake. Just being outside and enjoying the heat; I really love the heat.”

Here’s to hoping for a summer that’s as bright as Brooklyn’s dress.