Apr 12,2013

Happy birthday Brooklyn!

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Today April 12th it’s a very very special day here on Brooklyn Decker Fans, 26 years ago Brooklyn was born. Words can’t say how happy & proud we are to be fans of Brooklyn, we’ve been following her career for so long, we saw her go from a teenager starting her modeling career in the pages of Sports Illustrated to the beautiful woman she is, it’s amazing for us to see all she has accomplished and we are sure there are many many good things to come for her.

We’d like to wish Brooklyn an amazing day, full of love and joy with all her loved ones. We hope all your wishes come true and that you have the best year. Thank you for being always so amazing to us, we couldn’t be prouder to be your fans and we will always continue to support you. You deserve nothing but the best!


So make sure you wish her a happy birthday on facebook & twitter. It’s also Brooklyn’s mom birthday, so wish Tessa a happy birthday too on twitter  (it’s also Brooklyn’s grandmother birthday too,  big day for the Deckers)

Apr 08,2013

Brooklyn on the Net

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I decided to make this post because we keep getting a lot of messages that are directed to Brooklyn herself  and unfortunately we can’t always show them to her, so I decided to put together all of Brooklyn’s social networks so you can all reach to her and let her know what you think.

Currently Brooklyn only has THREE social networks were you can reach out to her

Twitter: @BrooklynDecker

Instagram: @BrooklynDdecker

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BrooklynDecker

Her website www.brooklyndecker.com is NOT working right now and she has no plans of rebuilding it at the moment, she will however get  a WhoSay account soon where you will be able to see more of her, I will be posting the info about it as soon as she gets it.

We also get a lot of comments asking us how to get an autograph from Brooklyn and at this moment there’s nothing we can do to help you with that, we will however ask if she has any fanmail address and we will be letting everyone know if she does.

If you want to follow us on social networks we are ONLY on twitter @BrooklynDFans. You can also contact us via e-mail at brooklyndeckerfans@hotmail.com

Apr 02,2013

Brooklyn covers Women’s Health UK

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Brooklyn is on the cover of the new issue of Women’s Health UK, hitting newsstands today (April 3rd). It’s a reprint from her Women’s Health US photo shoot when she was promoting ‘Just Go With It’ but we were able to find some new outtakes as well as some new pieces of interview

Brooklyn Decker ‘awestruck’ by Jennifer Aniston’s bikini body
Published Wednesday, Apr 3 2013, 00:01 BST | By Mayer Nissim

Brooklyn Decker has claimed that she was “awestruck” on seeing Jennifer Aniston in a bikini.

Decker told Women’s Health that she was impressed by the Friends star’s body when they worked together on 2011 comedy movie Just Go With It.
On whose body she would like, Decker said: “It’s got to be Jennifer. She’s so active and had to be in a bikini for Just Go With It – she just had this glow about her.

“I was a bit awestruck! I was invited to do yoga with her on set but they had so many good yogis I was intimidated and chickened out.”

She added: “I hate watching myself on screen! It’s like when you hear your voice on an answering machine, but worse.


“I watch every mannerism, every facial expression. I find myself going, ‘Do I really make that face? Is that really how my voice sounds?’”

Asked about how marrying tennis star Andy Roddick had affected her self-image, Decker said: “For me it’s taken the emphasis off my looks and appearance – the emphasis modelling ingrained in me – and given me a healthier outlook on the female form.


“Being married to an athlete has changed my perception of women and what my body is capable of.”

The full Brooklyn Decker interview appears in the May/June issue of Women’s Health, on sale today (April 3). Also available as a digital edition.


Brooklyn Decker: I ‘chickened out’ of doing yoga with Jennifer Aniston because I felt ‘intimidated’
The 25-year-old supermodel wife of tennis star Andy Roddick tells Women’s Health UK that “Being married to an athlete has changed my perception of women and what my body is capable of.”


TUESDAY, APRIL 2, 2013, 12:29 PM
Brooklyn Decker covers the May/June issue of Women’s Health UK revealing she was in awe of 44-year-old Jennifer Aniston’s flawless figure on the set of their 2011 film “Just Go With It.”

When the blond beauty was asked who she would want to play her body double, Decker said, “it’s got to be Jennifer. She’s so active and had to be in a bikini for ‘Just Go With It’ — she just had this glow about her. I was a bit awestruck!”

Decker dished that she passed up the opportunity to work out with the former “Friends” star at the time because she felt a little self-conscious.


Decker tells the magazine that ‘My rule of thumb is that if I’m working, I eat healthily. I have such a sweet tooth that I can’t let myself indulge because work is where I spend most of my time, so when I’m at work, no bad food.’

“I was invited to do yoga with her on set but they had so many good yogis I was intimidated and chickened out,” she admitted.

The 25-year-old stunner, who is married to tennis pro Andy Roddick, went on to talk about her hubby’s perception of beauty.

“The biggest thing for me about being with Andy is that athletes in general tend to appreciate different things about women’s bodies. They’re not so concerned with how someone looks, more about how strong and healthy they are.”

Jennifer Aniston (left), 44, and Brooklyn Decker, 25, flaunt their figures in the 2011 film “Just Go With It.” Decker told Women’s Health UK that she was invited to do yoga with the “Friends” star on set but was “intimidated and chickened out.”

“For me it’s taken the emphasis off my looks and appearance — the emphasis modeling ingrained in me — and given me a healthier outlook on the female form,” she continued.

“Being married to an athlete has changed my perception of women and what my body is capable of.”

The actress-model, who is undeniably in tip-top shape, revealed how she keeps a balanced diet, especially with all the food temptations on set.

Brooklyn Decker graces the cover of the new issue of Women’s Health UK, on newsstands April 3.

“Imagine the best junk food you’ve ever seen, available 24 hours a day — that’s what sets are like. There are sweets and doughnuts in front of me all the time,” she said.

“My rule of thumb is that if I’m working, I eat healthily. I have such a sweet tooth that I can’t let myself indulge because work is where I spend most of my time, so when I’m at work, no bad food.”

Her latest workout secret is using weights to tone up.

“I’ve always been really into sports and fitness but have just recently discovered the joys of lifting weights … I feel like weights are something women are hesitant to do because they think it’s going to bulk them up, but I’ve found the exact opposite. I’m my most lean when I’m lifting.”



Mar 22,2013

Brooklyn Decker Shares Her Hot Body Secrets

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She’s got the bod, the career, Andy Roddick as a hubby plus, gorgeous new brunette locks. Former SELF cover girl Brooklyn Decker came to visit the our office — and our Editor-in-Chief, Lucy Danziger, while working on her latest project with Gillette, hosting The World’s Largest Shave & Kiss Event at the Time Warner Center.

Decker also gave us the scoop on her secret NYC candy-shop obsession, the meal she cooks for Andy back home and the confidence trick she wants you to remember next time you hit the beach. We also couldn’t help but boast over her awesome leather sweatpants and heels — which she willingly sported while showing me her favorite move at the gym.


Mar 18,2013

Hey, Brooklyn Decker: Do Women Like Facial Hair?

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Hey, Brooklyn Decker: Do Women Like Facial Hair?
Not sure if you should shave before your big date? This hot actress and model has answers to all of your questions about scruff.
Maggie Parker

Brooklyn Decker On Taking It All OffSkincare 101: The Perfect Shave
So you have a big date and you aren’t sure if she prefers scruff or skin. What do you do?
We tracked down the multitalented and gorgeous Brooklyn Decker at the Gillette Kiss & Tell event in New York City a few weeks ago to find out how she feels about kissing men with facial hair. And while she can’t speak for all women, we figure she’s a good place to start, right?
Because—let’s be honest—you’d shave almost anything to please her.
Q: What’s your take on facial hair?
A: Facial hair is a really good look, but it’s a really bad feel. I actually like the way a little scruff looks, but I’m sorry, I don’t want a beard rash on my face the first time I kiss a guy. That’s the worst. And we’re expected to shave our legs for men, so why aren’t men required to shave their faces for women?!
Q: But girls like the soft scruff, don’t they?
A: Yes, it definitely is cute. But it takes weeks to grow out before a beard is soft. If you are going to be kissing a girl for the first time, don’t put her through the pain of two-day-old stubble. Think about if a girl had a full mustache and she was coming in to kiss you. It would hurt! And a guy would whine about it, just like they whine when a sweater’s not the softest thing they’ve ever touched. So I feel like it’s only fair that guys keep a groomed face.
Q: So basically if you’re planning to kiss a girl, you should be clean?
A: Yeah. Keep it clean. That stubble gives girls rashes, and it also makes a girl break out because of hair oils. So if you insist on having facial hair, at least maintain it so it’s not dirty.

Q: Is there one facial hair style that you think guys need to retire or avoid?
A: No chin strap. Goatees work on some guys, right? And beards work on a lot of guys. But I’ve never seen a chinstrap look good.

ABOUT THE HOT GIRL: You may recognize Brooklyn Decker as the scantily clad blonde on the cover of 2010′s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (which she has appeared in six times—thank you, SI!), but her talents don’t stop there. Check her out in movies like Battleship and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.


Mar 14,2013

Brooklyn Decker: Protect the Arctic

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“Fasten your seatbelts and no smoking on the plane.” I’ve heard these words a million times before, but this time it was different. I was strapping myself into the smallest airplane I’ve ever been in, a de Havilland Beaver affectionately known as “Pumpkin,” and I was about to fly over some of the wildest country in America—the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. I was joining the Sierra Club for a weeklong adventure through the Arctic.

Tucked away in the northeast corner of Alaska, it is the largest and wildest refuge in the country. I had heard about the beauty and wonder of this place, but nothing can compare to experiencing it firsthand. As we flew north, crossing over the Arctic Circle, I watched spruce trees give way to rugged mountains. Further north the mountains turned to sweeping tundra, wild rivers, coastal lagoons and finally the bays of the Arctic Ocean.

These areas are home to some of our most amazing wildlife. In fact, the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge contains the greatest diversity of animal life of any protected lands in the entire region. Polar and grizzly bears, musk oxen, wolves and wolverines all call the refuge home. On our visit we saw Dall sheep, caribou, red fox, hawks and golden eagles.

Each year, the lush tundra of the Arctic Refuge acts as the birthing grounds for much of this wildlife. Birds I see in my own backyard in Texas begin their lives in the Arctic Refuge before migrating to my hometown and others in all 50 states.

This area is also essential for mother polar bears to build their dens and for the Porcupine caribou herd, which travels hundreds of miles each year to the coastal plain to birth their calves. For these animals, and others, there is no alternative to this place they have depended on for millennia.

Wildlife are not the only ones who depend on the Arctic Refuge. The Gwich’in people, whose cabins we could see from the airstrip in Arctic Village, have lived off this land for centuries. The Gwich’in are the caribou people and they rely on Arctic bounty for their livelihood.

During the trip, I was able to swim in a freezing Arctic river, explore a remote and unnamed slot canyon with a 50-foot waterfall, and go white-water rafting through the most rugged portions of the Brooks Range. I was even able to see the spectacular Northern Lights.

Getting outdoors has always been an important part of my life. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of camping with my family, but this trip was truly an enlightening experience. It was an opportunity to reconnect with the outdoors in a place of unparalleled wonder, and it made abundantly clear the importance of protecting our country’s natural treasures.

The area’s significance to wildlife, native cultures, and sheer untamed beauty are unmatched and irreplaceable. I believe the marvels of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, especially the coastal plain, should be safeguarded—and I’m not alone. Polling shows that four out of five Americans believe the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should receive stronger protections.

The natural wonders of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge deserve the strongest levels of protection possible to ensure that this amazing place remains unmarred for future generations. I’m grateful for the chance to reconnect with the wild lands that make America great, and I want others to have those opportunities too.

Source: Take Part

Mar 12,2013

Brooklyn Decker on Watch What Happens Live!

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Brooklyn Decker appeared last night at Watch What Happens Live, enjoy some of the photos and videos!


(03/11) Watch What Happens Live – Season 9


Watch What Happens Live – Season 9 – Mar 11, 2013

Mar 12,2013

Brooklyn Decker On Taking It All Off

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The Sports Illustrated alum turns our fantasy into a reality by telling MF what goes on behind the scenes at swimsuit issue photo shoots.

In your mind, the best part of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is probably imagining what goes on behind the scenes when the shoot is taking place: a bunch of scantily clad models running around in the sand, it sounds like paradise. And during a recent interview, 2010 Swimsuit Issue cover model Brooklyn Decker made it clear to us that the real deal is, in fact, a lot like your fantasy.

MF: The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue just came out. As someone who’s been on the cover, what do you think it takes for a girl to land that coveted spot?

BD: “I wish I had the answer to that. They didn’t tell me until the day before it came out, so I didn’t know. It was my sixth or seventh year shooting. I did Sports Illustrated for so long and every year you do cover tries, so you always think there could be a chance. And then they don’t tell you until like the day or two before. So I have no idea what the formula is. They tell us it’s just based on the image and if it’s a powerful enough image or not. I don’t know what else goes into it. I hear there’s like secret testing that goes on. But it’s like Fort Knox over there. No one tells anyone anything–it’s all rumored and we’re all kind of kept in the dark.”

Every guy wants to know what goes on behind the scenes at the swimsuit issue shoots.

“It’s like a vacation with your family. I mean, Sports Illustrated–they are like family. I haven’t done it in two years, and they’re still like family to me. It’s not work at all. It’s so much fun. I mean, you have long hours, but you’re on the beach with your friends. The trips and photo shoots are as legendary as people hope they are. They’re really fun, I have to say.”

What’s your favorite swimsuit cover of all time?

“I really loved Marisa Miller’s cover, just because I love Marisa. She’s a friend of mine, and I just adore her. Heidi Klum is incredible. Paulina Porizkova years ago, I think she was 18 when she got her first cover. She was unbelievable too, and so beautiful. I really love the classic covers, I really do.”

Who’s someone you’d love to see on a cover?

“Chrissy Teigen. She’s one of my best girlfriends. I’ve known her for years. Jessica Gomes, too, because she has also been doing it for years. I mean all the girls who I started out with who are now in like their eighth or ninth year, I root for those girls every issue. So fingers crossed for next year!”

Would you have taken it all off and done the body paint thing if you were still doing it?

“I already did it once. I think five years ago. And I was kind of shy about doing it, just because, you know, everything’s out there. I got to cover my top, which sounds crazy but it was actually more covered than just being painted. I get to say that I did it once, which was enough for me.”

Source: Mens Fitness

Mar 10,2013

Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick take in Duke vs UNC game in Carolina Blue

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Super model Brooklyn Decker and husband Any Roddick took in the Tobacco Road classic on Saturday night.

Despite Decker being decked-out (pun intended) in Carolina Blue, the Tar Heels looked completely outmatched against the Blue Devils, losing 69-53.

Brooklyn Decker and husband Any Roddick

Source: Game Day

Mar 02,2013

Brooklyn Decker To Co-Star In CBS Comedy Pilot ‘Friends With Better Lives’

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We are very very happy to announce that Brooklyn has a big new project coming up! She will be in a new pilot for CBS

Brooklyn Decker To Co-Star In CBS Comedy Pilot ‘Friends With Better Lives’

EXCLUSIVE: Just Go With It and Battleship star Brooklyn Decker is set as a lead opposite James Van Der Beek in Dana Klein’s CBS comedy pilot Friends With Better Lives, which is directed by James Burrows. The multi-camera project, from 20th Century Fox TV and Aaron Kaplan’s Kaplan Entertainment, revolves around six 30-something friends who each think the other has it better. Decker will play one of them Jules, a former model who was discovered in a mall when she was 13. Very open minded, she sincerely wishes the best for everyone. Decker, a model herself, recently did an arc on FX’s The League and guest starred on Fox comedy New Girl, also produced by 20th TV. She is with Gersh and Authentic.