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Feb 03,2011

Brooklyn talks about “Battleship”

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As far as the movie “Battleship” is concerned, it’s fairly safe to say that we know almost everything we need to know: the film was inspired by the beloved Hasbro game and the cast is very, very attractive. The film won’t be out for another year, but we can’t help but pepper the cast members for details about the project whenever we happen upon them. Like when we chatted up Alexander Skarsgard and Josh Pence. Our most recent “get” is model-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker.

When MTV News caught up with her during the “Just Go With It” press day, we asked her if we should be concerned that the inspiration for the film is a board game, and not a very complicated one at that.

“Yeah it’s funny. I think Alex [Skarsgard] said something that the game was the inspiration for the movie and not necessarily the storyboard for the movie and I would be in agreement with that,” Decker said. “It’s an action/war film, so we draw inspiration from the game in that it is called ‘Battleship’ and Hasbro is heavily involved.”

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model went on to say that while there is indeed a battleship in “Battleship,” the film is all about action and war.

“It is a modern day war action film, which is kind of unique to most war films,” she said. “This is modern day so it’s exciting.”

As far as Hasbro’s toy tie-ins are concerned, Decker hasn’t heard anything official about plans for action figures and such, but she’s game for seeing herself in plastic if they decide to go that route.

“I think that would be awesome,” Decker said of the possibility of becoming an action figure. “But I really have no idea if they’re planning on doing that or not.”