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Sep 09,2014

Brooklyn Decker Talks Fantasy Football

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Model Brooklyn Decker Talks Fantasy Football

Model and actress Brooklyn Decker is married to tennis player Andy Roddick, so you would assume she was a die hard tennis fan. Decker talked with Yahoo Sports recently, and revealed she’s passionate about football team the Carolina Panthers.

With Decker’s love for the Panthers, the model decided to create a fantasy football league. And why not? She had to show her admiration for quarterback Cam Newton somehow.

In an interview with Evan Doherty with Yahoo Sports, Decker explained she had put together a successful 2013 fantasy football campaign. The model won her league but started having trouble keeping track of all her fantasy players, because she starts to fall off as the weeks continue.  Still, even if she neglects her fantasy team, a wins a win.

Even though the model won’t be putting together a league this year (the first time in six years), she had some pretty cool competitors in the past.

Last year, Decker was in a league with comedian Adam Sandler. Sadly, she wasn’t asked to compete again the next year. “I wasn’t asked back, I think because we won last year, we weren’t asked back,” Decker said.  Decker may be too much of a tough competitor for Sandler.

Decker also spoke about the trash talk she tried to stir up within her league, because she was going against so many comedians. “I tried to start some trash talk on the message boards, because we had like David Spade on our league, we had a bunch of great people in our league,” she said. You’d assume that the trash talk would be rather impressive with all the comedians Decker was playing with, but she reveals that they were rather serious fantasy players. “I was the lone solider,” when it came to smack talking her opponents.

Even though you wont be seeing Decker smack talk any comedians this year, she’ll be definitely rooting for her home team, the Panthers.


Sep 04,2014

OK! Exclusive: Brooklyn Decker Reveals A Surprising Fun Fact About Her Husband Andy Roddick!

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OK! Exclusive: Brooklyn Decker Reveals A Surprising Fun Fact About Her Husband Andy Roddick!

By Lea Palmieri on September 4, 2014

Listen up football fans, because Brooklyn Decker is about to help make your life SO much easier—before the new NFL season has even begun! The supermodel, and big Carolina Panthers fan, has teamed up with Visa to celebrate Footballentine’s Day . This genius idea is a day, September 6th to be exact, where NFL fans can send their loved ones 18 beautiful, free (!) roses to say, ‘Hey sorry I’m going to be kinda busy watching football for the next few months and might miss a date night or two.” Brooklyn explains her favorite game day snacks, the Netflix show that makes her sob every time and a surprising fact about her husband, tennis player Andy Roddick, that we never would’ve guessed! Let’s talk about Footballentine’s Day! What a fun initiative that probably didn’t take much convincing to get you on board.

BD: Well I’m a big football fan so I found it to be really funny. I just thought what a really clever, fun idea to get people involved, to kick off the NFL season and to get people to check out Visa Checkout. It’s just a really fun initiative and I figure it’s going to save a lot of people a lot of time when they have to apologize for missing date night on a Sunday night. Between you and your husband Andy, are you the hardcore football fan? What does he get swept up in?

BD: I love football, I’m a Panthers fan, and he’s a fantasy football guy so I would send him 18 roses for missing dates on Sunday nights when I’m watching the Panthers play and he would probably send me 18 roses to apologize for constantly checking his fantasy lineup. We’re both equally accountable, but just for different things. Eighteen beautiful, and free, roses is a great present, but is there another gift you would love to have?

BD: I’m not a big gift person, I’d rather just spend time with somebody. For my friends’ birthdays, and for holidays with my family, instead of getting gifts we visit each other, we go take hikes together, we go on kayaking trips, things like that. Those to me are really great gifts, because we don’t have time these days so times with friends would be a better gift than anything else, aside from 18 roses of course! When it is game day, how do you make football attire cute? Do you do anything to jerseys to make it look feminine and fun instead of just throwing on an oversized jersey?

BD: I don’t. As bad as that sounds I don’t even try! I wear a jersey, I wear my sweatpants, I wear eye black, I go all out. There’s no time to make anything cute, I just wear the jersey as is. If you’re going to do it, commit fully. Do you have any game day snacks that you love to chow down on?

BD: I feel like I travel so much that I eat unhealthily all the time, I’m eating unhealthy now specifically, so I try to eat healthy on game day because it’s the one time I’m sitting down in front of my TV and can control what I’m eating. I’m not in an airport, I’m not on a set, your food’s not dictated for you. So carrots and hummus are my go-to snack for game day which is incredibly boring but I actually try to be healthy. When it comes to Andy, what is the girliest thing about him or something we might not know?

BD: He’s a dude, through and through, I have to say. He’s a closet musical fan. He loves musicals. He’s seen Jersey Boys four times in different cities, but that’s about it. He loves musicals which isn’t even girly at all, it’s just sort of a funny, unknown thing about him. But I find it really masculine because it’s very attractive when someone likes art like that.

OK! News: Even the biggest Friends fan will love these 22 fun facts You’re working on the new Netflix series, Grace and Frankie— are there other Netflix shows you are currently binge-watching?

BD: I am a massive House of Cards fan. I watched both seasons in two weeks. I was very behind on the Scandal craze but I’m fully caught up on all three seasons. I just started Orange is the New Black and Derek on Netflix which I feel like is a highly underrated show that not enough people watch, I cry at every single episode. It’s my favorite show on TV right now, it’s Ricky Gervais, and it’s unbelievably heartwarming. It’s just one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. It’s so good. The season is only like 7 episodes, and the season finale, I’m telling you, you will be sobbing. It’s so beautiful. Your new show is created by Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman, and since we’re coming up on the 20th anniversary of the Friends premiere, has she shared any stories on set about the iconic sitcom?

BD: Nothing yet, but I do need to ask questions and I feel like the anniversary might prompt a few. One of my favorite episodes was when Ross had the leather pants and the flour and he couldn’t get out of the leather pants, I could ask about that. Yeah, ask her how on Earth they managed to keep a straight face during a scene like that!

BD: That’s great, yeah! How did you not laugh all the time? How did people not break character every take? That’s a great question.

For more information and to celebrate Footballentine’s Day, go to by Friday, September 4th at 4pm.



Aug 16,2014

Brooklyn takes on the “Ice Bucket Challenge” for ALS!

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Brooklyn was challenged to take part on the Ice Bucket Challenge to create awareness for ALS, Brooklyn took on the challenge and posted the videos in her Instagram account and you can see her husband Andy helping her complete the challenge! She challenged fellow SI models Chrissy Teigen, Kate Upton and baseball player Justin Verlander.

May 05,2014

Brooklyn Decker jokes about why she “Resents” Andy

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Brooklyn Decker jokes about why she ‘resents’ husband Andy Roddick

Apr 18,2014

Brooklyn Decker reveals why she’s anything but a perfect 10!

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When you think of Brooklyn Decker what comes to mind? Yes, she is a beautiful, albeit retired, model turned actress. She’s married to retired tennis player, Andy Roddick. She’s got a new CBS sitcom “Friends with Better Lives”. So far, there’s little to make one think her life is anything but perfection. But not so fast. The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model sat down with’s Carey Reilly to reveal that she’s a friend with just kind of a better life than you, but perfect it is not.

First of all, she’s named after a horse, of course. “I’m named after a horse of all things,” said Decker. “It’s very strange. My parents have a very strange sense of humor. My mom loved the name Brooke and as a joke my dad said ‘Let’s name her Brooklyn!’ and my mom loved it. I had never been to Brooklyn, ended up living there for a couple years.” Okay, so the name doesn’t have perfect origins, but it’ll do! Second, she says she wasn’t the perfect ten model.

“I was very lucky Sports Illustrated gave me a chance and loved me but I did not work outside of Sports Illustrated. Truly, I was not a good model. I swear on everything. I’ve never walked a runway. It’s like a best kept secret that I was not, like, a working model. I studied acting for a really long time and I loved it and auditioned and auditioned and just got lucky. The second I started booking things I was like ‘Peace out, modeling! You don’t like me and I don’t like you!'”

Third, the 5’10” stunner says she’s got physical imperfections that she shows off with zeal. “I have tingers! Toe-fingers! They’re the most disgusting feet you’ve ever seen in your life. I can spread them apart and grab things. I have tingers and I’m fighting a massive case of chin acne.” She showed us both and that still has us questioning her campaign of imperfection.

Lest we go on, Decker is celebrating 5 years of blissful marriage to Andy Roddick, who she says, does a lot of the heavy-lifting in her household especially when it comes to cleaning. “Only because I’m such a slob that someone has to pick up the slack and it’s not me. He’s usually pretty sloppy but he’s like ‘You’re a disaster so I gotta help a little bit.'” Decker is now living out her dream job along side stars like James Van Der Beek on their new sitcom “Friends with Better Lives.”

She’s quick to mention that the comedy truly comes from behind the scenes. “We do have great writers. We are very lucky. I feel like that: our writing and our chemistry with the cast… is what makes it.” And one funny retired model with “tingers” too. Watch Brooklyn on “Friends with Better Lives” Monday nights at 8:30 on CBS.


Mar 29,2014

Brooklyn Decker Ditches Modeling for Acting? Lands NEW Series Titled ‘Friends With Better Lives,’ Reveals: ‘I Wasn’t Succesful as a Model!’

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Brooklyn Decker Ditches Modeling for Acting? Lands NEW Series Titled ‘Friends With Better Lives,’ Reveals: ‘I Wasn’t Succesful as a Model!’ [SEE PICS]
The gorgeous wife of tennis star Andy Roddick has reportedly landed a starring role on CBS’s upcoming series, “Friends With Better Lives.”

According to the New York Daily News, Decker got into acting after finding out ‘she wasn’t that successful as a model.’

“I set out to go into acting,” said Decker, who turns 27 on April 12. “And this show is great, because I love comedy. [SEE PICS]

“I don’t know if I was considered ‘funny’ when I was growing up. … People who have known me for a while would always be really surprised when I would, like, tell a dirty joke.”

The new show, premiering March 31st, centers around six twenty-something-year-old friends who appear to spend all their time together.

Decker admitted that because the theme is similar to the hit series “Friends,” many will compare the two shows.

“We’re a different show with different personalities,” she said. “But I’m sure there will be comparisons. Hey, ‘Friends’ is one of my favorite shows.”

The synopsis for the series plays out as follows:

“Bobby (Kevin Connolly) and Andi (Majandra Delfino) are married with one little kid and another on the way. Their problem, they say, is they have no love life. Will (James Van Der Beek) is just divorced and fooling nobody when he says he loves being free. Kate (Zoe Lister-Jones) wants the perfect man and keeps getting irregulars.”

Decker plays Jules, a woman who has just fallen into a relationship with Lowell (Rick Donald). The two are reportedy head over heels in love.

“They’re like two lost little puppies,” Decker said.

Although she maintains a more orderly life than that that of Jules, she admits the two have a few similarities.

“We’re both huge cheerleaders for our friends,” she said. “We love our friends. I don’t think it’s at all strange that these people would spend all their time with each other.”

“When we aren’t in L.A., we live in Texas, and I can totally relate to that open-door policy. We always have people staying for the weekend.”