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Jun 17,2010

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker Waiting to Make Babies

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There’s a new note about Brookie&Andy on E! & of course here you have it.

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker Waiting to Make Babies

Today 5:55 AM PDT by Marc Malkin

We can only imagine what beautiful kids tennis champ Andy Roddick and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker will have some day.

However, Decker says she and her hunky hubby are in no rush to start a family…

“Not to namedrop because that’s really lame, but I ran into Fergie one time and she said to me, ‘Once you get married, people are going to ask, when are you having babies? So just get ready for it. It’s going to be so annoying,’ ” Decker, 23, told me at the Guys Choice Awards, which air Sunday on Spike TV.

“And she’s so right. So my answer is, we’re obviously waiting. We’re young and we’re focused on our careers and being together right now.”

The two got hitched a little over a year ago in Roddick’s Austin, Texas, home.

Decker said she will spend three weeks with Roddick, 27, in Europe this summer. “I’m just going to be a wife,” she smiled. “I’m just going to go and be a wife and be a plain Jane. I’m so excited.”

As for that namedropping, it’s going to be pretty hard for Decker to avoid if her career keeps going the way it is. She recently shot her first movie, Just Go With It, in Hawaii opposite Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman and Adam Sandler.

“Talk about intimidating,” Decker said. “I was shaking. But to have them around you, they were so encouraging. I mean it was my first film and to have them as teachers? You can’t top that. So I really had to pep talk myself and say, ‘Use this as a learning experience,’ and I did. But yeah, I was shaking.”


Also, Brookie was in FOX News today & we’re trying to get the video as soon as possible as well as some candids of her arrival to the estudio.