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Sep 09,2014

Brooklyn Decker Talks Fantasy Football

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Model Brooklyn Decker Talks Fantasy Football

Model and actress Brooklyn Decker is married to tennis player Andy Roddick, so you would assume she was a die hard tennis fan. Decker talked with Yahoo Sports recently, and revealed she’s passionate about football team the Carolina Panthers.

With Decker’s love for the Panthers, the model decided to create a fantasy football league. And why not? She had to show her admiration for quarterback Cam Newton somehow.

In an interview with Evan Doherty with Yahoo Sports, Decker explained she had put together a successful 2013 fantasy football campaign. The model won her league but started having trouble keeping track of all her fantasy players, because she starts to fall off as the weeks continue.  Still, even if she neglects her fantasy team, a wins a win.

Even though the model won’t be putting together a league this year (the first time in six years), she had some pretty cool competitors in the past.

Last year, Decker was in a league with comedian Adam Sandler. Sadly, she wasn’t asked to compete again the next year. “I wasn’t asked back, I think because we won last year, we weren’t asked back,” Decker said.¬† Decker may be too much of a tough competitor for Sandler.

Decker also spoke about the trash talk she tried to stir up within her league, because she was going against so many comedians. “I tried to start some trash talk on the message boards, because we had like David Spade on our league, we had a bunch of great people in our league,” she said. You’d assume that the trash talk would be rather impressive with all the comedians Decker was playing with, but she reveals that they were rather serious fantasy players. “I was the lone solider,” when it came to smack talking her opponents.

Even though you wont be seeing Decker smack talk any comedians this year, she’ll be definitely rooting for her home team, the Panthers.