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Jul 20,2010

Celebs Turn Out to Raise Awareness for Special Olympics

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We all know athletes and their family and friends are having a week to remember.

But they’re not alone.

If you’re taking part in any of the USA National Games events this week, don’t be surprised if you see a famous face in the crowd.

Numerous actors, musicians and politicians are in the Capital City this week to learn about the Special Olympics and try to raise awareness.

For some Special Olympics athletes, meeting American Idol finalist Michael Sarver is a dream come true. Sarver is taking part in USA National Games activities to help raise awareness. “Just the way they approach everything they do so passionately with so much life. It’s life-changing. It changed the way I am just in one day.”

Also causing quite an attraction is model, actress and Special Olympics spokeswoman Brooklyn Decker.

The two are spending much of their time at Special Olympics Town interacting with the athletes.

Sarver says, “I think that’s probably the most important part of this event because people need to be aware of how special these guys are and how amazing it can be.”

Decker adds, “It’s such an honor and a pleasure to be here. I don’t think people realize when they come, when they volunteer, they actually get more out of it than the athletes do.”

Decker’s aunt is a Special Olympics athlete. They started out just playing sports casually with each other, but then Decker says she wanted to do more. “I wanted to get involved on a bigger scale so how better than to be involved in the National Games.”

Also getting some attention is former Special Olympics athlete and star of the movie “The Ringer” Eddie Barbanell. “I love the USA National Games. It means a lot to me rooting on the athletes in competition.”

And he’s reminding the athletes of one thing as he makes his way around this week. “I want them to win and not give up, to strive to be the best. In the words of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, ‘never, never, never, never quit.'”

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