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Feb 21,2011

Brooklyn Decker Dishes on Sex, Thongs and Jen Aniston

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When forced to choose between sex and sleep, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker, has trouble coming up with an answer.

“Oh my god, my husband will kill me if I don’t say [sex],” the 23-year-old confesses while hiding her face with her hands and turning red.

And that’s not the only thing Decker shared during a Valentine’s Day visit to Us Weekly’s NYC office.

In addition to discussing her feelings on panty lines and pajamas, she revealed (off camera) that her husband, tennis-great Andy Roddick, has quite the crush on her Just Go With It costar, Jennifer Aniston as well as some other ladies in their forties and fifties.

“He absolutely loves Jen Aniston, Diane Lane, Faith Hill and Christie Brinkley,” she told Us.

To find out what else made Decker giggle and blush, watch her play a racy version of ‘This or That’ with Style & Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal (above).

Sep 13,2010

Brooklyn Decker covers Page Six Magazine

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By modern standards, Brooklyn Decker was on the young side when she walked down the aisle with Andy Roddick last year at age 22. But for both the bride and groom’s families, there was nothing unusual about it.

“It wasn’t weird for me,” Decker tells the latest issue of Page Six Magazine. “My mom got married when she was 19, and my husband’s parents got married young – in their 20s. And both sets of parents are still together. We’re so lucky. We had that influence around us, and basically, it came down to the fact that neither of us had to get married.”

With Roddick – now 28 – a world-class tennis player and Decker thriving as a swimsuit model, the couple couldn’t see a reason to wait.

“We both were successful on our own, we both had our own income, we both had our friends, but it’s just what we wanted,” Decker says. “It was never part of my plan to get married young, but we did it because we really wanted to.”

One challenge of the fledgling marriage so far? Putting up with Roddick’s celebrity infatuations.

“Andy definitely has crushes,” Decker says. “He loves women in their 40s and 50s. He loves Christie Brinkley and Diane Lane. A woman who’s graceful and has it all together. So not me.”

There is one actress Decker doesn’t worry about: Jennifer Aniston. Despite rumors to the contrary, she says the two got along famously on the set of their upcoming film Just Go With It.

“I don’t know where that stuff comes from,” wonders Decker. “Two people fighting is much more interesting than two people getting along. But I find it disappointing that people’s first instinct is to pit two women against each other. You get a few bad apples in there, but overall women do root for each other and want to help each other. Jen is such a doll – she is such a girl’s girl.”