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Jan 25,2011

DT Magazine “The Sexiest 50” 2011

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Brooklyn made spanish magazine DT annual top for the Sexiest woman! It’s her first time on the list. They wrote a little note about her, nothing really new.

#36 Brooklyn Decker – Casi un Ángel
¿Cómo puede Andy Roddick jugar al tenis con una mujer así en casa? Nosotros nos ponemos nerviosos sólo con la foto. “Lo peor de mi trabajo es ver a gente que conoces hacer de todo por perder peso”, Brooklyn es modelo de Victoria’s Secret…

Here is the translation

#36 Brooklyn Decker – Almost an Angel
How can Andy Roddick play tennis with a woman like this at home? We just get nervous with the photo. “The worst thing about my job is seeing people you know do everything to lose weight.” Brooklyn is a model for Victoria’s Secret.