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Jul 14,2011

Brooklyn Decker Sizzles At The 2011 ESPY Awards

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Brooklyn Decker has made the leap from sexy swimsuit model to big screen bombshell, and now, the gorgeous blonde is now offering up a casting idea for who should portray her tennis superstar husband, Andy Roddick, in any future films.“Sean William Scott – because Stifler and him are twins,” Brooklyn told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson at the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday — referencing Seann’s infamously rowdy “American Pie” character — when asked which actor would be best to play Andy. “Stifler and my husband could pass for twins! As far as looks alone, I think that’s the best option.

“They could pull one over me,” she continued, laughing. “They haven’t yet, thank goodness!”

While Brooklyn is rapidly rising up the ranks of Hollywood’s most desired, with a role alongside Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in “Just Go With It” and a starring role in the upcoming sci-fi film, “Battleship,” the 24-year-old beauty admitted she still gets “star struck” in the presence of certain celebrities — especially sportscaster/”Dancing with the Stars” contender Erin Andrews.

“[Erin] is beautiful and she’s smart and she knows sports and she’s like the dream girl,” Brooklyn told Shaun. “So, I love her. I just recently went and basically bowed down in front of her. She’s my favorite!”

“Battleship,” which also stars Liam Neeson, “Friday Night Lights” hunk Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna (in her feature film debut), is slated for release on May 18, 2012.

“Extra” correspondent Adrianna Costa also talked with model/actress Brooklyn Decker on the ESPY red carpet and actor Jonah Hill about his amazing weight loss!

Apr 28,2011

‘Bad Ass’ Aliens For ‘Battleship’

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Taylor Kitsch Promises ‘Bad Ass’ Aliens For ‘Battleship’

As skeptical as I may have been when I first heard about the “Battleship” movie (yes, even with Peter Berg directing and a bevy of beautiful people in the cast) I have started to feel a little excitement for the film over the past few months, thanks in large part to brief encounters with cast members Brooklyn Decker, Alexander Skarsgard and Josh Pence.

My latest cast member encounter has solidified things, however, in that Taylor Kitsch has promised bad ass aliens and refused to confirm or deny the existence of a “You sunk my Battleship!” line of dialogue (which, in my opinion, means it’s totally in the movie).

“Will you get to see the aliens? F— yeah. Why would we put aliens in and not show you?” Kitsch said during the press day for his upcoming film, “The Bang Bang Club.” “This is a different movie entirely than the other [alien] ones you’ve seen.”

When asked how the “Battleship” aliens compare to those we’ve seen in films before, Kitsch said we won’t be disappointed.

“These are bad ass… I can’t tell you, I wanna give you more [details],” he said, stopping himself short of revealing spoilers. “We have brilliant cats doing [the alien special effects] and I’ve seen a good cut of that already.”

“It’s exciting. Pete Berg, man,” he enthused, speaking highly of the director he previously worked with on “Friday Night Lights.”

And the question we’re all dying to have answered: Does someone say, “You sunk my battleship!” in the movie?

“Ah I can’t tell you that,” he laughed. “There’s no way I’d tell you that!”