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Aug 09,2010

Brooklyn Decker: Working out is worth it

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A new note where Brooklyn talks about working out, keeping her body in shape & some other things

Brooklyn Decker: Working out is worth it

By Marissa Charles Aug 10, 2010, 3:41 GMT

Brooklyn Decker has revealed that it is hard work maintaining her trim figure, but “it’s worth it”.

The 23-year-old swimsuit model, who appears on the front and back cover of the September issue of Women’s Health, told the magazine that she works hard to stay in shape.

Decker, who is married to US tennis player Andy Roddick, and works out five times a week, said: ‘I remember hearing some model say, ‘I eat pizza and cheeseburgers all the time’ and thinking, ‘How could she [and still] look like that?’

‘I want people to know that you have to work hard, but it’s worth it.’

But despite maintaining a strict healthy eating regime, Decker admitted she loves chocolate-chip cookies and ice-cream.

‘I have an insane sweet tooth,’ she said.

‘I could go without fried foods for the rest of my life, but I couldn’t give up sweets.’

Decker, who recently finished filming new movie Just Go with It with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, also dismissed the rumours that there was on-set rivalry between her and the former Friends star.

She said the rumours are ‘totally bogus… I couldn’t have had a bigger supporter.’