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Feb 03,2011

Brooklyn talks football at Super Bowl event

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John Maino works in radio, so he’s very rarely at a loss for words.
But even with Fox football analyst Jimmy Johnson and actor Jay Mohr stopping by Wednesday morning, the WIXX (101.1 FM) host could only recall one person who sat in his Radio Row chair — the head-turner of all head-turners, Sports Illustrated swimsuit and Victoria’s Secret model Brooklyn Decker.

Thank God for the Packers success, right, Maino?

“Let’s see, I know Brooklyn Decker was here. Then there was Brooklyn Decker, and oh yeah, did I tell you that Brooklyn Decker was here?” Maino said, smiling. “I think I just stammered the entire time. The first thing I said to her was, ‘You’re really tall.’ I think that really impressed her.”

Maino wasn’t the only one gazing in wide-eyed wonder at the blonde bombshell who made the wicked Dallas weather feel a little less frigid Wednesday.

Perhaps the only Super Bowl celebrity who could monopolize camera time like Aaron Rodgers or Ben Roethlisberger, Decker starred at media day for “Entertainment Tonight” before hitting Radio Row to promote her new film, “Just Go with It,’’ starring Adam Sandler.

With a horde of onlookers snapping pictures – and let’s be honest, mostly male admirers considering we’re talking about the macho world of sports journalism here – Decker bounced from one chair to the next to talk about swimsuit modeling, breaking into Hollywood for her first feature film and her famous husband, tennis star Andy Roddick.

Oh yeah, and there were some football questions, too.

“This is actually my fifth year on Radio Row, so I’m an old veteran at this whole process,” Decker said. “It’s just this time instead of a magazine with bathing suits, I’m promoting a movie, so it’s a little bit more fun this year. But I can talk sports, too, so I think that also opens some eyes when I’m being interviewed.”

While her Super Bowl week appearances are mainly for business, Decker is also invested in the game’s outcome. The Ohio native said she’s definitely rooting for the Packers — and stuck to her guns assertively when asked if that was just a bit of brown-nosing so that Green Bay fans would support her movie when it opens Feb. 11.

“No, I’m really pulling for the Packers,” Decker said, laughing. “The Steelers are gonna be tough and might even be the better team, but I’m definitely pulling for the Packers.”


Super Bowl XLV-Radio Row – February 2nd, 2011