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Aug 31,2011

Brooklyn Decker: Just Jared Video Interview!

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Brooklyn Decker gets silly with Just Jared founder Jared Eng at the Just Jared lounge in the Lacoste penthouse showroom in New York City.

The 24-year-old model stopped by for the Just Jared Studio presented by Lacoste series, where she chatted about getting into acting, her “stinky” bulldog Billie Jean, and her tennis player hubby Andy Roddick.

Brooklyn also showed off her best runway walk and revealed her now not-so-secret talent: burping on command!

Check it out below and let us know in the comments who we should interview next!

FYI: Brooklyn has two movies out next year. Action sci-fi flick Battleship stars Alexander Skarsgard, Taylor Kitsch, and Liam Neeson. Dramedy What to Expect When You’re Expecting stars Cameron Diaz, Joe Manganiello, and Elizabeth Banks.

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(08/31) Just Jared Studios in New York City

Aug 11,2011

Set Visit, Part Two: ‘Battleship’ Beauties

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Let’s answer one question right away: Yes, Rihanna can rock naval fatigues and still look sexy enough to make your head explode.

We’re sitting on the U.S.S. Missouri, docked in the middle of Pearl Harbor, just when you think it can’t get any more beautiful, in walks Brooklyn Decker and then, a bit later on, Rihanna. Let’s discuss the pop star first and specifically the outfit she is wearing as she rolls up to the press table.

This is not the Rihanna we are used to seeing: The provocative spreads in Maxim or the sexy stuff she wears while performing on stage. No, she’s in navy fatigues, covered head-to-toe, complete with a baseball cap. This is Rihanna’s first movie role and what has she chosen? A military badass.

“She doesn’t like boys. She doesn’t like girls either,” Rihanna explains. “She’s just about her weapons and her work.”

And how does the uniform fit?

“It’s really cool, it’s easy,” she says. “You don’t have to think about what you want to put on, or how cute you look.”

In the film, Rihanna isn’t a superstar; she’s simply another grunt midshipman who is suddenly thrown into a full-blown battle with aliens. If that sounds like a surprising movie debut, nobody is more surprised than the star who admitted that when she went in to discuss the movie, she had no idea she was wanted for the role.

“It’s weird how it happened,” she recalls. “I walked into a meeting, I know I had a meeting, but usually my manager would be there to prep me and say, ‘Okay, this is what we’re doing, this is who we’re meeting, and this is why we’re doing this meeting.’ She wasn’t there and I walked in. And Peter Berg just walked out and said, ‘Hi, come in’… and all I saw were these little alien mock-ups, these little dolls. And he just started saying, ‘Yeah, these are the thugs, he’s a thug.’ ‘Uhh, okay,’ I laughed and then I realized that he wasn’t laughing, and I was like, ‘This is weird. Why are there pictures of aliens all over this room?’ And it was just crazy because he was just really super enthusiastic about it, and he was so sure that I could pull it off and I didn’t even know that he was the director of the film! I didn’t know what I was doing, where I was going, why. And after I read the script I was really, really impressed and I wanted to be a part of it. Plus it was a role I felt like I could handle for the first time I’m acting.”

To get prepared for the role, Rihanna, and the rest of the actors, basically went through basic training with military personal (the Navy has completely embraced “Battleship” and has helped from the beginning). It wasn’t easy.

“This one man, his name is Donald, he pretty much drilled me, yelled at me, cursed me, made me do pushups,” she says. “My best friend was there the second time we worked together, and I said to her, ‘Okay, I’m about to do acting class, but you’re going to want to kill this man, so just stay in the bedroom. Don’t listen to anything he’s saying to me right now, just don’t kill him Melissa, just stay in the bedroom.’ And I remember she just kept walking around, and she would just glance at me, ‘Are you okay? Did he just say ‘f*** you’ to her?’ But I mean it really got you in the mentality, that’s the things they really go through, you know, when they first sign up.  It’s not a walk in the park.”

The other part of the experience that seems odd from an outsider’s perspective, but is actually comforting to Rihanna is the numbers game on set. She, along with Brooklyn Decker, is only one of two females in this testosterone-laden blockbuster. But from Rihanna, it’s nothing new.

“It’s really exciting because this is how I grew up,” she admits. “I grew up being the only girl in my group of friends. Most of my friends were guys until I found a female best friend. In this case, I’m one of the guys; I’m never ever acknowledged as a female, there’s no sympathy for me because I’m a female. She’s just hardcore, she’s tougher than most of the guys on the ship. So she has that respect, and she walks with that swagger too.”

For Decker, this experience is not quite as new as it is for Rihanna, but it’s pretty close. At the time of the set visit, nobody knew Decker. They may have noticed her from the pages of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, but the Adam Sandler-comedy “Just Go With It,” her first movie, hadn’t been released and therefore this whole acting thing was still new to her as well.

“I did a romantic comedy before so you can imagine the difference between the two,” she says. “This one is incredibly challenging. Physically, emotionally, I mean we’re talking about the end of the world. Obviously it’s a huge, daunting task ahead, but, I think that’s why I’m having such a blast on it; it’s such a challenge. I’m a new actor so I’m around these guys and feel so inadequate, but if you’re going to learn, learn from the best. I’m really happy to be here.”

She’s also one of the few civilians in the film. She plays the daughter of Liam Neeson, the admiral in the film, and the love interest of Taylor Kitsch. And while those guys had to go through military training for the film, Decker had her own drills.

“I did a lot of prep, because I’m a physical therapist,” she says. “I worked in military hospitals and I learned how fix prosthetic legs, dislocated shoulders, and things like that. I definitely did a lot of training with that. As far as fighting, I’m going to go through fight training which should be fun.

When asked about being one of the only two girls on board, like Rihanna, Decker is pretty excited.

“It’s funny because [Rihanna] and I are both actually really big tomboys,” she admits “It’s like her and I and all the guys. There’s no ‘we’re running off to get manicures together.’ It’s all guns and war, which is really fun. The boys are so cute and Rihanna is gorgeous, so the whole cast is… we definitely have a cute cast.”

Source: MSN Movies

Aug 09,2011

Battleship Movie Interview

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On April 11, 1945, a Japanese pilot intentionally flew his plane into the starboard side of the USS Missouri, dying instantly and leaving a damaged exterior near where he was later buried at sea.

On Sept 10, 2010, mere inches away, I sat at a table, drank mineral water and interviewed the top Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Life is weird that way.

Brooklyn Decker plays “Sam,” a hiking enthusiast/girlfriend/daughter and if you saw her in the Battleship trailer, you probably thought to yourself something along the lines of “hubba hubba hubba.”  Below are highlights from a roundtable conversation on the set of the film.

What’s the difference between shooting this film and your first one, Just Go With It?

This one is incredibly challenging. Physically, emotionally, I mean we’re talking about the end of the world. Obviously it’s a huge, daunting task ahead, but, I think that’s why I’m having such a blast on it; it’s such a challenge. I’m a new actor so I’m around these guys and feel so inadequate, but if you’re going to learn, learn from the best. I’m really happy to be here.

You mentioned you’re a new actor and watching Peter direct… he has a very unorthodox style. Can you talk about coming into this new world and having Peter as your guide so to speak?

Peter’s a completely unconventional director. You’ll be fighting an alien and he’ll throw things at you like, “order a cheeseburger and French fries!” and you’ll be like “what!?” He does it just to throw you off so you’re mind gets fresh again. Things like that make it fun and really exciting. You never know what he’s going to come out with. He comes from an acting background so he knows how to talk to all of us, which I think helps us especially with Rhianna and I who are new to sets. He just really knows how to get to us.

Are a lot of your scenes filmed on the ship or are you land?

No, I’m land. I’m actually one of the few civilians in the film. I play the Admiral’s daughter, who’s played by Liam Neeson, and Hopper’s (Taylor Kitsch’s) girlfriend-ish thing, whatever we are, and it’s very complicated with the script. They’re all on the ship having this incredible battle, meanwhile these aliens have invaded the United States as well so I’m on land trying to fight them from here. With these guns!

Do you wield a gun in the film?

Actually, yeah. I was going to shoot a gun and then I wasn’t so I was like, “guys, come on.”

What kind of gun?

I don’t know… but it’s a big one on the hip. We’re going to learn all that and it’s going to be great. Actually what’s cool is, and I know they prepped you guys for this but, we have an Iraq vet who lost both his legs in 2007 and we’re sort of side-kicks to one another in our story. With him being there, he’s really teaching me all this military lingo and how they do things and fight. His fighter instinct comes out so being around him sort of lights a fire under you.

What’s it like acting with him, though? Because he’s not an actor. . .

He’s not an actor but our thing with the movie is it’s a lot of banter. The story starts out and he’s this stubborn guy. He doesn’t want to walk, he doesn’t want to put on his prosthetic legs, and he’s just stubborn. He’s stuck in this sort of mental and physical rut and it’s my job to sort of get him off his butt and start moving. He and I have that dynamic in real-life so we sort of feed off each other. If we didn’t have Pete as a director I don’t think this would work but he’s so encouraging to actors, as far as improv and “do what feels natural to you.” You want to hit him? Go for it. And, I think for us, it makes him feel really natural and at home. He’s not intimidated, worried, or restricted.

Will you need any physical training for this?

I will, yeah. I did a lot of prep, because I’m a physical therapist, in military hospitals and I learned how to fix prosthetic legs, dislocated shoulders, and things like that. I definitely did a lot of training with that. As far as fighting, I’m going to go through fight training which should be fun.

How many days have you been filming?


Are you a big action-adventure or sci-fi fan?

Yeah, I am. I’m definitely a geek for drama and every genre really, but there’s something about this story that’s really sweet. We’re on this battleship, we have full military support filming this movie, and we have real veterans which makes this movie unique. It’s not all smoke and mirrors. We’re actually legit. Pete’s big on having us be prepared and have knowledge on the military and knowing the order of the ranks.

Did you do your scenes with Liam Neeson yet?

I did. Not all of them but we have started yes. He has such a great presence. First of all, physically, he’s this powerful big person and that lends itself perfectly to make this movie scary and intimidating. It’s my second day on my second movie, I feel like a fish out of water. Liam Neeson’s on set and I’m like this is not my life right now.

Do you feel like you and Rhianna are going to be close because you’re the only 2 females in this group?

Yeah. It’s funny because we’re both actually really big tomboys. It’s she and I and all the guys. There’s no we’re running off to get manicures together. It’s all guns and war, which is really fun. The boys are so cute and Rhianna is gorgeous, so the whole cast is… they definitely have a cute cast.

Did you play the boardgame Battleship when you were younger?

I think it was a little bit before me, but what’s funny is, I have it on my iPhone which is sort of a testament to the times. I have played it, not religiously or anything, but I have. But, on the iPhone, it’s totally different. You move it with your fingers and it’s a completely different game.

What’s the next boardgame movie?

I think they should make a Scrabble movie. A Scrabble action movie.

By Jordan Hoffman

Mar 19,2011

Just Go With It, Brooklyn’s brilliant

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The well-worn path from modelling to acting is paved with more calamities than success stories.

Think Cindy Crawford in the dud thriller Fair Game, or Gisele B adindchen as a bafflingly bad Brazilian bank robber in Taxi.

Ahead of her movie debut in the Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy Just Go With It, Brooklyn Decker is keeping a lid on her expectations.

“I am not at a point now where I could even look at an Oscar and see it as a realistic goal,” the former Sports Illustrated cover girl and wife of tennis champion Andy Roddick says.

“I am way too new and that is sort of on another planet for me. But I look at girls like Cameron Diaz who started out in (modelling) and then she went on to do things like Any Given Sunday and Gangs Of New York with (Martin) Scorsese – she has done some amazing films.

“I hope that if I just get a tiny bit of what she got, then I will be over the moon.”

The charming, curvaceous and drop-dead gorgeous Decker admits there is plenty of baggage that comes with the model-turned-actress tag.

“There are pluses and minuses,” she says. “There are a lot of doors that are open because people know of your career modelling but there are also a lot of people who close the door because you came from a modelling background and that’s hard.

“So I have been secretly doing acting classes. The biggest thing is that if you are willing to work then directors and producers are really responsive to that.”

Decker, 23, who has been modelling since her late teens, made the switch looking for a new challenge. After scoring the coveted cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition last year she went looking for a new way to grow and develop.

“I am a learner, I am always reading and wanting to learn new things so for me acting was a way for me to do what I love doing but learn along the way,” she says.

In Just Go With It, Decker plays maths teacher Palmer, who is the object of desire for Sandler’s character Danny, a plastic surgeon who pretends to be unhappily married to seduce women. Aniston plays his assistant Katherine, who is sucked into a scheme to help Danny win Palmer back by pretending to be married to him.

Nicole Kidman also indulges her lighter side, appearing as a hula-dancing rival of Aniston’s character in Hawaii.

The film topped the box office when it was released in the US.

“Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman – you are working with pros who have been doing this for years,” says Decker. “That’s daunting because you know if there is going to be a weak link to the movie it’s probably going to be you, which is kind of intimidating.

“But luckily it was a comedy so it was light material and we had fun with it.”

Now she has a taste for acting, Decker is keen for more. She finished up the action blockbuster Battleship at the end of last year, which stars Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard and Rihanna.

“I worked on that for a good four months and I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people,” she says.

“There was weapons training, stunts with cars, it’s more of an intense film with a lot of fights and a lot of yelling.”

One thing you can count her out of is mixed doubles with her top-10 ranked husband Roddick, who also has a cameo in Just Go With It.

The pair met in thoroughly celebrity fashion when the former US Open champ got his agent to get in touch with her agent after seeing her in Sports Illustrated in 2007. They have now been married nearly two years.

“It’s so bad,” Decker says of her forehand. “I think I have a worse temper on court than my husband does. I tried playing and ended up throwing the racquet but that was the end of that. I think I will leave it to him and I will stick to what I do.”

Just Go With It is released on March 31

Jan 12,2011

Back to the Battleship

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By “Caffeinated” Clint (Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 at 5:34 am)

“Battleship”, the feature film spin-off of the board game we all played growing up (before moving onto the nifty ‘Computer Battleship’), may be in the can, but it’s is still a good year away from release. According to actress Brooklyn Decker, who plays ‘Sam’ in the uber-expensive tentpole, there’s still quite a bit of work to be done on the sea-set actioner.

Says Decker, “We will do reshoots. We have shot a bunch of alternate endings. There’s a lot of CGI to be done – a lot of stuff in post.”


“Yes, depending on the storyline and where they want to take it we might be doing some reshoots”, explains the cordial actress.

The picture, which pits the crew of a fleet of ships against a supernatural entity, was directed by actor cum filmmaker Peter Berg.

“He was amazing. We agreed on nearly everything. It’s great when you’re on the same page”, said the model cum actress, in town to cheer on her husband Andy Roddick at the Brisbane International Tennis Tournament in Brisbane. “He is great – and he’s especially great with new actors. He loves it that there’s no ego to protect and we’re all just in there having fun and working together.”

Liam Neeson, who plays Decker’s father in the movie, echoes the 23-year-old acting newcomer’s sentiments. “He said to me, ‘Pete’s one of the better directors I’ve worked with because he gives you direction but he also allows you to be comfortable and free in what you do. And you’ll likely notice that the movie doesn’t feel like it’s this polished super-styled movie, it’s characters in conversation, it feels gritty and real” – that’s a huge compliment to Pete .”

Sounds like it’s going to be a cool ‘big’ flick!

“Battleship” is released May 2012.


Update: Brooklyn just tweeted that she was misunderstood and that she won’t be doing reshoots and that there aren’t alternative finales:

Sorry guys, my battleship quote was misunderstood. No reshoots, Spring filming was always planned, and no alternate endings.

Sep 08,2010

More about the movie

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Today, Universal returns fire with the news that Liam Neeson has joined the cast of Battleship, bringing in some veteran leadership as both an actor and with his character in the film.Neeson will play Admiral Shane of the USS John Paul Jones and if you’re wondering how all of the other characters fit together, they more than just serve together on the same ship; Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) plays Hopper, an officer engaged to Brooklyn Decker’s character, Sam, who happens to be the daughter of Admiral Shane. It’s a Naval family!

If that’s not all, Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood) is Hopper’s older brother but he commands another ship, the USS Samson, for which Rihanna’s character Lt. Raikes also serves as a weapons specialist.

As for the story of the Battleship movie, very loosely based on the board game, if at all, the movie will follow human Naval forces as they encounter alien spaceships landed in our ocean. The aliens are stuck with a damaged vessel and alien-human naval warfare ensues. Battleship is directed by Peter Berg (Hancock) and will hit theaters May 18, 2012.