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May 30,2011

Hamish Linklater talks Brooklyn Decker & Battleship

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Brooklyn’s co-star from “Battleship” Hamish Linklater opened up about our girl & the movie in a recent interview, here is what he said about it …

PW: So I have to ask, how does a guy — who claims to hate being in front of cameras — wind up in a super huge production like “Battleship?”
Hamish: Dude, it was so freakin’ awesome – they would have four cameras rolling all the time, plus Peter Berg [director] is a genius. So not only are they always filming, but he’s shouting at you from off-camera. Things like, “more kick-ass! Say this! Awesome!” So it’s a super visceral experience and not zen at all. “Alright, let’s concentrate and calmly call action as you all mentally enter the scene.” You have no choice but to be in the moment when aliens are attacking you.

PW: Who do you play in the movie?
Hamish: I play Cal Zapata – which I realized is “Viva Zapata,” the Marlon Brando movie, and Cal from “East of Eden,” so I’m basically a combination of James Dean and Marlon Brando as a NASA scientist who is on this island with a lot of satellites, which the aliens need to use so they can call for reinforcements.

PW: Just you vs. the aliens?
Hamish: I’m with Brooklyn Decker, who plays the girlfriend of Taylor Kitch’s character, who is on the ships. So there’s guys in the water fighting the aliens and me with Brooklyn on the land, fighting the aliens. And let me tell you, Brooklyn is dressed very conservatively [laughs].

PW: Oh, I’m sure she’s quite demure and science-like!
Hamish: Oh yea. But let me say, she’s awesome. Brooklyn just glows with goodness, and not just good-lookingness. Solid, really genuine goodness. And she’s wicked fun.

PW: Going from “The Future” to “Battleship” must have been like jumping from a hot tub to an ice bath.
Hamish: It was just like a really incredibly lucky year. “Christine” came to an end, which was so sad, but I was able to jump into the Miranda July movie after that, then I went to the park where I shared a dressing room with Al Pacino as we did “Merchant of Venice” and went from that to “Battleship.”