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Dec 01,2010

Brooklyn on the cover of Ocean Drive

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Brooklyn Decker Heats Up Hollywood
By Laurie Brookins

She’s graced one of the world’s hottest covers (of course we mean ours), but everyone’s favorite swimsuit model has her sight set on an even loftier goal—Hollywood.

She’s trekked from Miami to the Maldives, to the Grenadines and beyond, all to frolic in turquoise waters, for sizzling photos that set men’s hearts aflutter. Lately Hawaii has been the exotic locale beckoning Brooklyn Decker, though artful bikini shots aren’t the reason. The girl who’s graced five consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues—with this year’s edition, she adds the highly coveted cover to her repertoire—has transitioned into acting.

And before you say it, she’s heard it already. “I know it’s such a clichéd thing to say: the model who wants to be an actress,” Decker says. “But to me it felt like a very natural progression. I don’t feel like I’m great at it yet, but I’m willing to work my butt off, and filmmakers seem to be respecting that. I just want to be given an opportunity, the chance to work incredibly hard at it.”

Hollywood must indeed be taking notice, because it’s not low-budget independents that Decker is booking, but rather plum roles in A-list blockbusters-to-be. First up: Just Go With It, set for release February 11, starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, from his highly lucrative Happy Madison production company. “I play his dream girl,” Decker says of the comedy, which sees Sandler’s character enlisting his office assistant, played by Aniston, to be his pretend wife.
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