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May 30,2010

Brookie in Paris

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As we all know, our girl is in Paris supporting her hubby in the French Open & here we have a picture from yesterday (May 29th). She looks as pretty as always!

May 26,2010

‘Just Go With It’ filming it’s over!

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After three months & many locations today was the last day of ‘Just Go With It’ & Brookie made some tweet about it

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap on my first film.. I cried like a baby. After 3 months of shooting, I’m SO proud of the team.

Now she’s heading to Paris & we can’t wait to know if she’s going in a well-deserved vacations or for work! … We’re dying to see some new pictures/modeling work but we also know that she’s been working a lot too, so whatever she’s going for we’re happy for Brookie!

Remember that ‘Just Go With It’ hits theaters next Valentine’s Day!