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Feb 06,2011

More Media Row interviews

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Brooklyn Decker - Radio Row The same PR guy, sporting the same clipboard, checked in with us the next day. “I appreciate you guys helping me out early on when I was trying to make sure I had my days filled.” (Let me get this straight… we talked to Brooklyn Decker, and somehow that was doing you a favor) “I want to offer up Adam Sandler.” That’s right, That Adam Sandler. The time was set for 2:10p Live on our air on Friday.

At 2:10p on Friday we didn’t need a clock to know that Sandler was in the house. About eight police officers began to part the crowd, and here comes Sandler. He sat down, and brief introductions were made. He was warm and genuine. We chatted live for almost ten minutes. Sandler was in town promoting his new film. (The same one that Brooklyn Decker was promoting). At one point I looked up and there were hundreds of other journalists crowded around our table taking pictures and videos on their cell phones. Sandler only ended up talking to about half dozen radio stations and we were one of them. The most impressive thing for me was at the end of the interview. He shook everyone’s hand and looked everyone in the eye. He seemed genuinely grateful for the time we spent together. No one felt rushed.