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Jan 20,2011

Swimsuit Model Brooklyn Decker Prayed for Butt and Boobs

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Swimsuit Model Brooklyn Decker Prayed for Butt and Boobs
Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker says she remembers praying for a bigger butt and ample boobs at one point in her life. God certainly granted her prayer requests, and now the model is living a wealthy life in the limelight.
According to FOXNews, Decker, who is married to tennis pro Andy Roddick, claims she was once “gangly with no shape.” She says people sometimes thought she was a boy, although at this point in her life that is awfully hard for people to believe.
“I remember praying for boobs and a butt,” Brooklyn Decker says.
It looks like God looked down on her quite favorably.
The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is amply endowed in all the right places, which made her a shoe-in for the cover girl spot. She is also appearing in a movie called Just Go With It, which hits theaters on February 11.
Decker, with her ample appendages, isn’t completely in the dark about the horrific health of some swimsuit models, however. She spent time when first arriving in New York City with aspiring models who abused themselves with binging and purging in order to maintain what they felt their ideal weight and shape were. She even tried their unhealthy methods and some of their crazy diets herself, but seemed to always wind up gaining weight. Finally, her dad intervened and encouraged her to “stop obsessing about everyone else and wrecking her body.”
Good for Brooklyn Decker’s dad! Too bad more celebrity parents wouldn’t intervene in the model daughter’s lives before they have binged and purged to the point that the damage to their bodies is irreparable.
Brooklyn Decker has a wholesome quality about her that not all swimsuit models possess. Maybe it’s her family ties. Her dad probably saved her life with his intervention. Perhaps it’s her faith instead. She obviously believes in God if she prayed for a butt and boobs, right? Regardless of the origins of her wholesome look and even more wholesome persona, she is a superstar swimsuit model. And men the world over are quite grateful when she graces the covers of magazines, like she does on the cover of SELF in the February issue. It comes out January 25.