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Aug 18,2010

Brooklyn’s new interview

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Although she was recently named Esquire magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive, a place in Brooklyn Decker’s heart is reserved for something decidedly unsexy. “You have to love the squishy face, the stinky breath, the snorty sounds, all the farting,” says Decker. No, it’s not her (very gorgeous) husband of 16 months, tennis champion Andy Roddick. Decker’s talking about Billie Jean, the family bulldog. “They’re the most disgusting animals, but I find her so endearing and so adorable, and I think she’s the sexiest dog in the whole wide world. All her fat wrinkles are so beautiful.”

If anyone knows beautiful, it’s Decker. Over the past year, the North Carolina native went from pretty face inside the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue to its heralded cover girl. Now, she’s making the leap from glossy to big screen as Adam Sandler’s love interest in Just Go With It, costarring Jennifer Aniston.

“Everyone was so welcoming,” says Decker of her A-list costars. “They were all very well aware that it was my first movie. They just extended a hand and were willing to help me with anything and everything. [But] no matter how many months I worked with this cast, I was incredibly intimidated because they’re just so good at what they do. There’s a sheep scene that I can’t even begin to describe; it’s just hilarious.”

Sandler’s ability to keep the mood on the set lighthearted did more than ease the 23-year-old Decker’s first foray into film; it also helped the real-life newlywed best the butterflies of playing a newlywed (complete with a “you may now kiss the bride” scene) on screen. “It’s funny because when they call ‘action,’ you play this couple getting married, and as soon as they call ‘cut,’ we’re talking about our families,” she says. “He was really good about making me feel like, ‘Alright, kid, this is our job; let’s get this over with.’”

While the movie’s release date is still months off, Decker’s bodacious bod will be burning up DVD players across the country as the three-part Make Better series she filmed in conjunction with Elle magazine appears in retailers this month. “To be honest, I was sort of apprehensive because I was thinking, I’m a model and I want to be relevant in fashion, and now that I’m moving on to acting, I don’t want to just do workout DVDs,” she says of her initial reaction to the project.

Thankfully the magazine heard her concerns and the videos are more Style Network than Jane Fonda aerobics. On the programs, Decker attends Fashion Week shows for Charlotte Ronson, Brian Reyes and Chris Benz alongside Elle creative director Joe Zee and learns to “shop her closet.” For the fitness portion of the series, Decker shows off her best cardio and sculpting moves. When it came to the yoga installment, Decker, an ashtanga newbie, was more than happy to show her beginner stumbles on screen. “It was the first time in my career that I was able to have a lot of creative control, which is very exciting, because as a model your job is to show up, put on the clothes and look pretty,” she says.

While the Make Better series provided Decker’s first run at creative control, it was Sports Illustrated that launched a plethora of new adventures for the then-fledgling model. “It was my first time traveling outside the country, the first time I had a huge photo shoot—there were so many firsts for me, and so many big steps all in one job, that it was incredibly nerve-racking; I was terrified,” says Decker of her initial stint posing for the iconic Swimsuit Issue. “Then I went there and felt incredibly comfortable and so connected. I think that’s why they’re so successful, because they make the girls feel so at home. They quickly became a sort of work family. Now, five years later, it really is like a family—they’ve seen me grow from a just-graduated 18-year-old to what I am now; I’ve been in the business for a while and got the cover. They’re like the closest things to me in this world.”

But though Decker’s fame has certainly grown, her feet remain firmly on the ground. “I think it was a photographer that told me the most successful models always view modeling as a job and not a lifestyle,” she says. “That was probably the best advice I ever got, and the best advice I could pass on to any girl trying to get into the business. When I have my fun, it’s me going home to Texas or North Carolina, being with my friends and going out on the lake and having a beer or two. That’s my idea of fun. It’s not going to be dancing on bars in Manhattan by any means.”

That’s not to say the stunning sports fan doesn’t slip on her stilettos now and again. She’s been seen on the Strip more than once, often (to the delight of the local lads) accompanied by a gaggle of fellow swimsuit models. “My first time was last year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit launch,” she says of visiting Vegas. “If you’re gonna go to Vegas, that’s the way to go. I was there with all the girls from the issue, and it was just a lot of fun. We stayed at The Mirage this year, which was unbelievable. We went to The Beatles Love show. I would go to that again and again and again; I absolutely loved it. There’s a steak place in The Mirage, Stack—it’s like good home cookin’, and after you’ve been running around with Sports Illustrated in a skimpy dress all day, you want good home cookin’.” A post-Wimbledon getaway with Roddick in July also proved to be a great escape; sightings of the couple at restaurants and shows sent tabloids buzzing.

Sure, Decker’s work attire may be skimpy dresses or the yellow Delfina bikini she (somewhat) wore on the 2010 SI cover, but her personal style is decidedly more relaxed—and a lot more budget friendly. “Oh my god, I regret it!” she says of her first big fashion splurge—a pair of black Chloé motorcycle boots. “Not because they’re not beautiful, I just can’t swallow the amount of money I spent. For me growing up, Gap was a huge splurge. I did it once and I love them, and I still wear them, but it’s very difficult for me to spend that kind of money on stuff.”

Still, Decker appears to relish the exposure that comes with moving off the page and into the limelight. “I think what happens is instead of seeing you two-dimensionally on a page, people start seeing you three-dimensionally—you do the Ellen show, you do Letterman, you do Jimmy Kimmel, so they start to put a voice with an image, and I think that’s really key.”


By Jack Guy (2010)

Aug 02,2010

Brooklyn Decker: On Real Beauty

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New Interview!!!

Brooklyn Decker is not only the current Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover-model, but also (incase you were unsure whether or not being the SI cover-girl made you the sexiest woman alive), the reigning queen of Esquire magazine’s 2010

Sexiest Woman Alive bracket challenge too. Just a killer body and gorgeous face, though, she is not. Rather, the model and actress is also funny, smart and talented. (She even has a starring role in the upcoming film Just Go With It, co-starring Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and Nicole Kidman – and that’s not a shabby crowd to be surrounded by.) Oh, and she’s married to Andy Roddick. Trust us, we wanted to hate her too – but really, you can’t, because on top of it all she’s one of the nicest people we know – making hating her nothing short of impossible.

Moreover, she’s as humble, honest and open-hearted as they come and believes in Real Beauty through and through. (She even participates in The Beauty Bean’s Makeup Free Mondays!) Needless to say, it was a no-brainer to name her The Beauty Bean’s Real Beauty.

So, we sat down with Brooklyn Decker and asked her to weigh in on Real Beauty.

What do you think makes someone beautiful?
EVERYTHING that makes a woman unique. Whether it be a crooked smile, or freckles, or just a contagious laugh. I love the little things that make women special.

How do you deal with the pressure for body perfection in our culture?
I think its something every woman struggles with; I think the biggest thing is that we as women should try to be the best versions of ourselves, not fit into a mold. I know I’m very lucky, but I have been criticized by my crazy business and it took me a while to realize that I couldn’t transform myself into something I wasn’t. I had to embrace what made me “me” and really learn to just appreciate and try to improve what I already had.

If you could give your younger self advice about beauty, what would it be?
Less is more! Girls when they are young go CRAZY with products, and when you are young, that’s when you have the most clear pure looks.. I’d tell all the youngins to back off the makeup… Then again, I take that back… when you are young, that’s the time to experiment…even if it’s horrible, you get a good laugh later in life when you look back! So hey, go crazy! Why not??

What’s your one, can’t-live-without-it beauty product?
Cetaphil face wash! It took me years to find something for my ever-evolving skin. This is perfect. It strips my face of makeup, but I’m not left with that cracky dry feeling and my skin is clearer than ever with it! Plus, it’s perfect pre-Makeup Free Mondays, which I participate in whenever I can. It’s just nice because women can feel part of a united movement that embraces natural beauty! Besides, I have to have a lot of make up on for work most days… so that one day off gives my skin room to breathe. It’s so fresh and freeing.


Jun 25,2010

Brooklyn Decker’s Bikini Body and Beauty Secrets

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Here we have another new note/interview where Brookie give us beauty tips & talks a little bit about her new project with Gillette

Brooklyn Decker’s Bikini Body and Beauty Secrets

6/18/2010 by Colleen Moody

brooklyn decker

This week, brother site Esquire just dubbed Brooklyn Decker the winner of their Sexiest Woman Alive contest (think March Madness brackets but with women). The 23-year-old beat out Heidi Klum, not an easy feat. So when we got the chance this week to chat with Brooklyn, who was in town for a mere moment promoting her upcoming film, Just Go with It, and her partnership with Gillette Venus Embrace Disposables (hey, someone’s got to handle the task of keeping those legs smooth!), we jumped at it. We’ve had a girl crush on Brooklyn for years and have been dying to know what she is doing that we seemed to miss the memo on in the amazing-body category. Just as curious? Read below to see what beauty trends Brooklyn is loving lately, the products she would die without, and how she stays looking so damn good.

RB: Clearly, you spend many an hour in a swimsuit — what’s your secret for looking so good?

BD: It’s work, a lot of work. I try to make healthy decisions and I work out a lot. I hear girls say all the time, ‘I eat cheeseburgers and just look this good’ and that’s so frustrating to hear as a woman. For me, I really do have to work at it.

RB: Tell us about your beauty routine. What are the products you’re using?

BD: I travel so much that if I’m wearing makeup all the time it wreaks havoc on my skin. I’m obsessed with Cetaphil. I use it every day. I also SPF every day, add some mascara, and that’s it. I don’t worry about throwing on tons of makeup because I need my skin to breathe when I’m not working.

RB: What’s your favorite look for a red carpet?

BD: I love to punch up the eyes. I have blue eyes so I love using plums, coppers, even reds. It brings out all the natural flecks, and your eyes look really cool. CoverGirl Smoky Shadowblast duos are great for this because they come paired in great colors that make your eyes really pop. I feel like people are afraid to use color, but if done right it looks amazing.

RB: What’s one beauty trend you’re glad to see go?

BD: Crimped hair! First, it’s so damaging, and it just looks like a big frizz poof!

RB: What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever received?

BD: Mixing baking soda with your face wash. I got this tip from another model; she does it once a week and it’s a great exfoliator. A makeup artist also once used lip balm on my lips, cheeks, and eyes. It gave me a glowing, dewy look and that was the only makeup I had on for the shoot. That’s a great secret if you’re on the go and have nothing on you but some balm.

P.S. In case you were wondering, taking a picture next to the gorgeous gazelle that is Brooklyn Decker when you’ve been up since 7 a.m. is beyond intimidating. But it did make my guy friends extremely jealous. Just another day on the job, folks.


Jun 20,2010

New interview about Gillette!

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When it comes to getting that perfect shave, there’s no better model to dish out advice than this year’s Sports Illustrated covergirl Brooklyn Decker. Between her new film and shoots for SI, Brooklyn’s spent an immeasurable amount of time in a bikini, and therefore knows a thing or two about close shaves. Venus Embrace smartly placed Brooklyn on a pedestal for the warm weather season, and named her their Summer Goddess. We caught up with Brooklyn to chat razors, summer plans, and her secrets to the perfect shave.

How did you become involved with Gillette?

The Venus slogan is all about bringing out the inner goddess in you. Personally, I’m all about being healthy and bringing health awareness and fitness awareness to women, and Venus celebrates that. And, who better to be the spokesperson than someone who is in a bikini all the time?! So, it was really sort of a perfect marriage of the two forces. I’ve used Venus ever since I started shaving when I was around 13 or 14. I can’t wax because I’m not in New York enough to do it consistently. And with waxing you have to grow out your leg hair, and if you’re always in a bikini you can’t do that, so I’ve just always shaved. It was the perfect fit for us to come together and kick off summer together.

What makes this razor better than others?

The Venus Embrace was actually designed for a women’s body. I’ve been in the lab, and I’ve seen how they test. Women shave in all different directions because we’re doing our underarms, our bikini line, and our legs. This razor has a rounded head and it pivots, so it molds to all the bones on your body – your knees, your ankles. So for someone like me who’s on the go, it’s just quick and you know you’re going to be cut-free, because it’s designed for a women’s body.

Do you use shave gel? What are your shaving tricks?

Gillette actually has this new product called Satin Care In-Shower Moisturizer I just started using. It’s a lotion that you put on in the shower and then rinse off, which is kind of unusual. As soon as you do that, your legs are really shiny, without having to apply lotion when you get out of the shower after you dry off. It’s really good for moisturizing your legs, making the hair grow back slower, and keeps you nice and glowing for when you have to be on the beach!

What are your summer plans?
I’m taking two weeks off after this. I haven’t had time off this year so I’m really excited about that. I’m going to be in LA, presenting at the ESPY’s and after that, I don’t know, maybe doing another movie! I love working so right now and things are going really well. I’m happy to be where I am.

And you just won “Sexiest Woman Alive” from Esquire!
I don’t even know how you respond to that! Obviously it’s very flattering, and it means your friends and Twitter followers, and people out there are supporting you, which is really exciting. I think my mom is responsible for half the votes, and my friends for the other half, and my husband…they rigged it! Although Heidi, she’s won the Most Beautiful woman like a million times from a million sources, so I don’t think she’s crying over this at all.

Do you have any plans for Father’s Day?

Oh, I wish I was seeing my dad! I’m not, I’m actually going out of town tomorrow, and my dad will be home. He’ll be getting a nice call from me, but I’m trying to do a sneaky little Father’s Day gift, too! I’m going to do something customized. Let’s keep it a secret!