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May 19,2011

Brooklyn’s summer plans

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Brooklyn spoke to Modelinia yesterday at the launch about her summer plans & here’s a nice note about it

Escaping the Rain with Brooklyn

As a respite to the endless rain that’s currently haunting New York residents, MyHabit hosted a party on Skylight West’s rooftop on Wednesday night, complete with a tent to keep revelers safe from the rain. Decorated like a chic backyard, complete with black and white striped couches and plants as accessories, the roof was a welcome way to party outside, sans the requisite umbrellas.

The reason to toast? The launch of MyHabit and their partnership with the CFDA Fashion Incubators, a collaboration of the designers resulting in limited edition t-shirts. The result? A brand new shopping site to become addicted to and twelve new t-shirts to covet thanks to the CFDA Incubator designers.

Seeing as online shopping has easily become part of everyone’s daily routine, it’s hardly difficult to convince the style obsessed to check out another sales site. Already a online shopping convert, Brooklyn Decker discussed her love for the habit of web surfing and purchasing, explaining, “Online is such an easier way to shop, especially when you’re traveling. The dressing room is completely unflattering sometimes.” Also unflattering is the humidity and rain that New York is currently experiencing, though Brooklyn’s trying her hardest to wish away the bad weather by living in bright colors, like the hot yellow dress from Zara she picked out for the party.

As for the summer, which will eventually arrive, Brooklyn’s aiming to spend time on her lake in Austin and visit Greece, as part of the upcoming Special Olympics celebration. “I’m really really hoping to get there,” she said, “because it’s only once every four years. We have 300 athletes coming out from the United States going, so its a really big deal. [In Austin] I’m really looking forward to being on the lake. Just being outside and enjoying the heat; I really love the heat.”

Here’s to hoping for a summer that’s as bright as Brooklyn’s dress.