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Sep 01,2012

Brooklyn visits the Arctic

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Brooklyn Decker’s Northern Exposure
By Tom Valtin | Green – Thu, Aug 30, 2012 2:18 PM EDT

Brooklyn Decker overlooking the Marsh Fork of the Canning River in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Supermodel and actress Brooklyn Decker, recently in the news for her co-starring role in the hit romantic comedy What to Expect When You’re Expecting, spent a week this summer on a Sierra Club Outing in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Roughly as large as the state of South Carolina, the Refuge is America’s largest and wildest wildlife refuge.
“Getting outdoors has always been an important part of my life,” Decker says, “and going on a Sierra Club Outing to the Arctic was a particularly enlightening experience.” She learned from Outings leaders about conservation, climate change, the continual threat of oil exploration and development in the region, and the Sierra Club’s efforts to secure national monument designation for the area so it will be permanently protected for future generations to enjoy.

In the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Among the highlights of Decker’s week in the Arctic were floating down the Canning River through a deep glacier-carved valley, whitewater rafting in the Brooks Range (the northernmost mountain range on earth), swimming in near-freezing Arctic rivers, and hiking every day. She explored a remote, unnamed canyon with a 50-foot waterfall, saw the northern lights, and viewed wildlife including dall sheep, caribou, red fox, and golden eagles.
“This outing gave me a chance to really reconnect with nature,” Decker says. “Anyone who spends time enjoying our planet knows exactly why it’s important to protect places like the Arctic.”