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Jul 27,2010

SI Swimsuit 2011, special coverage!

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As you all know, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is a big part of Brooklyn’s modeling career & this year here in Brooklyn Decker Fans we decided to do an ‘Special Coverage’ of all things related to the 2011 Issue.

The shoots started already this Monday (July 26th):

From MJ Day’s Twitter

Model 1 is such a warrior princess in all sorts of itty bitty things while we are in parkas! 8:53 AM Jul 26th

@vsteckel and @PButlerHair keeping warm on set this am….brrrr. And we are NOT complaining! 🙂  9:48 AM Jul 26th

Monday booty call. 🙂 10:38 AM Jul 26th

Even better booty!! Lol 10:39 AM Jul 26th

Breaking for the afternoon. Just had a eucalyptus steam with @vsteckel 2:50 PM Jul 26th

Peek a whoooo?!! 🙂 6:38 PM Jul 26th

Our Chaos Films Producer Julie has set up the critter cam….awwwwh yeahhhhh its about to become a creeper cam tho…hahha. 7:40 PM Jul 26th

WHY does the sun rise so dang early here!!!!??? about 22 hours ago

we are melting ice caps this morning !!!about 12 hours ago

Turq waters! Amaaaazing about 11 hours ago

my Droid incredible does the water justice hereabout 11 hours ago

We are about to get wet here tweeties!!!! about 2 hours ago

From Darcie Baum’s Twitter

We’ve seen a lotta booty from @MJ_Day on her shoot… Show us a full frontal!!! 🙂 no faces of course, can’t spoil the surprise!about 3 hours ago

& about the next location …

Living in the closet making room for suits for our next shoot already ahhhhh3:13 PM Jul 26th

DUDE. The next shoot I’m on is STRAIGHT LUX! the locations are awesome, the culture is so interesting… Countdown two weeks!!!! about 10 hours ago

We’ll be updating the site with all the news&pics we get, & if you’r e on Twitter remember to follow BrooklynDFans as well as MJ_Day & Darcie_517 for updates!

But for now tell us, who do you think is the model & where do you think they’re shooting?! … So far we know that israeli model Bar Refaeli confirmed that she won’t be in the magazine this year, are you going to miss her? Brazilian cutie Daniella Sarahyba is six months pregnant, do you think she’s going to be back in shape for the magazine?