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Apr 18,2014

Brooklyn Decker reveals why she’s anything but a perfect 10!

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When you think of Brooklyn Decker what comes to mind? Yes, she is a beautiful, albeit retired, model turned actress. She’s married to retired tennis player, Andy Roddick. She’s got a new CBS sitcom “Friends with Better Lives”. So far, there’s little to make one think her life is anything but perfection. But not so fast. The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model sat down with’s Carey Reilly to reveal that she’s a friend with just kind of a better life than you, but perfect it is not.

First of all, she’s named after a horse, of course. “I’m named after a horse of all things,” said Decker. “It’s very strange. My parents have a very strange sense of humor. My mom loved the name Brooke and as a joke my dad said ‘Let’s name her Brooklyn!’ and my mom loved it. I had never been to Brooklyn, ended up living there for a couple years.” Okay, so the name doesn’t have perfect origins, but it’ll do! Second, she says she wasn’t the perfect ten model.

“I was very lucky Sports Illustrated gave me a chance and loved me but I did not work outside of Sports Illustrated. Truly, I was not a good model. I swear on everything. I’ve never walked a runway. It’s like a best kept secret that I was not, like, a working model. I studied acting for a really long time and I loved it and auditioned and auditioned and just got lucky. The second I started booking things I was like ‘Peace out, modeling! You don’t like me and I don’t like you!'”

Third, the 5’10” stunner says she’s got physical imperfections that she shows off with zeal. “I have tingers! Toe-fingers! They’re the most disgusting feet you’ve ever seen in your life. I can spread them apart and grab things. I have tingers and I’m fighting a massive case of chin acne.” She showed us both and that still has us questioning her campaign of imperfection.

Lest we go on, Decker is celebrating 5 years of blissful marriage to Andy Roddick, who she says, does a lot of the heavy-lifting in her household especially when it comes to cleaning. “Only because I’m such a slob that someone has to pick up the slack and it’s not me. He’s usually pretty sloppy but he’s like ‘You’re a disaster so I gotta help a little bit.'” Decker is now living out her dream job along side stars like James Van Der Beek on their new sitcom “Friends with Better Lives.”

She’s quick to mention that the comedy truly comes from behind the scenes. “We do have great writers. We are very lucky. I feel like that: our writing and our chemistry with the cast… is what makes it.” And one funny retired model with “tingers” too. Watch Brooklyn on “Friends with Better Lives” Monday nights at 8:30 on CBS.


Feb 18,2014

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014

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The 50th Anniversary issue of Sports Illustrated came out today and to our delight our girl made a comeback this year for a special feature  called ‘The Legends” about all the former SI cover models. We uploaded all the pictures to our gallery so check them out!

Brooklyn’s pictures were taken in NYC by the iconic Walter Iooss Jr, the same photographer who did Brooklyn’s cover in 2010.

Oct 21,2013

Vote Brooklyn!

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As you all should know by now, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2014 and they are celebrating it big, not only they are releasing 50 Years of Beautiful (out for sale tomorrow, more info here) they are also hosting a voting for people to choose the best covers of all-times and of course we want Brooklyn’s cover to be in the Top of the list so make sure you include her in your Top 5.

The covers are ordered by year, Brooklyn’s is in the very last row … Click in the image to go & vote for her


Jul 03,2013

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit was one of the biggest companies in Brooklyn’s modeling career and this year they are celebrating their 50th Anniversary and to celebrate it they will be releasing a book called Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful that will feature the best of their 50 years in newsstands.

As expected Brooklyn will be featured in the book, we don’t know if it will include unreleased pictures or how many pictures of her there will be. The book will be on sale on October 22nd, 2013 and you can pre-order it on Amazon already HERE.

As always, we will be updating the site with more information as it gets released.

May 04,2011

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011 en Latinoamerica!

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Buenas noticias para los fans latinos! Durante todo el mes de Mayo TNT va a estar poniendo al aire un especial sobre SI 2011, y como sabemos una vez más Brooklyn fue parte de la revista así que podremos verla en este mes en televisión!

Good news for Latin fans! During all May TNT Latin America TNT is going to be airing a special Tv show about SI 2011, as we all know Brooklyn was a part of the issue this year again so we’ll have a chance to see her on Tv this month!

Aquí les dejamos las fechas de transmisión y la hora (Huso Horario de Colombia), para revisar el horario en cada país solo hay que revisar en (excepto para Venezuela ya que lo tienen mal, solo hay que agregar media hora al horario de Colombia)

Here are all the dates that the show will be airing & the time/hour (Colombian Time), to check your country’s time just visit (except for Venezuela since they have it wrong, just add half hour to Colombia’s time)

Sábado 14 de Mayo – 7:15pm – Saturday, May 14th

Domingo 15 de Mayo – 2:45pm – Sunday, May 15th

Miércoles 18 de Mayo – 11:55pm – Wednesay, May 18th

Viernes 20 de Mayo – 9:00opm – Friday, May 20th

Feb 17,2011

Videos: Brooklyn promoting SI Swimsuit

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Here you have some videos of Brooklyn Decker promoting Sports Illustrated Swimsuit with other models like Anne V and Hilary Rhoda. You can find all photos for these events here . Enjoy the videos!

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