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Jun 26,2010

New interview!

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Here’s a new interview with Brookie for PopSugar Australia where she talks about her upcoming projects

Exclusive: Brooklyn Decker on Filming Just Go With It
Saturday – 12:00PM by PopSugar Australia

After wrapping Just Go With It with Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman and Adam Sandler, model Brooklyn Decker recently sat down with our gals at Pop US to discuss everything from working with Ms. Aniston to what Heidi Montag is really like. She even shared the workout tips for that bikini-body! Pluuus, she reveals why she found Adam Sandler pretty intimidating. Goofy Adam Sandler? Really? Yep. Listen in for the scoop:

* PopSugar: What made you want to try acting?
Brooklyn Decker: I’ve always been interested in acting, but it’s something I never thought I could do. It was something I always wanted to study before I really, really got into it. I just got really lucky with this opportunity. I’ve been auditioning quite a bit actually over the last few years and was sort of afraid of the whole model-turned-actress cliché, so I kept it under wraps that I was auditioning. I went through the auditioning process for this role and got lucky enough and got it! It was the best learning experience, the best education possible.
* PS: I heard you were in the running for Transformers 3.
BD: Action is really high up there on the list, I would love to do that. I think it really teaches you the physical side of acting, which would be really interesting and I’d love to do drama as well. There’s something nice about comedy, knowing you can laugh everyday on set. But I think there’s something also very simulating about action as well, which I’d like to explore.

To hear what Brooklyn has to say about working with Adam Sandler, read on.

* PS: What was it like to work with Adam Sandler?
BD: It was very intimidated! Being around people who are the best at their craft, it’s very intimidating. I remember starting out modeling and meeting Heidi Klum and being so intimidated, I actually asked her to take a picture with me— she’d never remember that! But [Adam’s] so welcoming and he’s so generous with the advice that he gives that you feel instantly at ease when you’re with him.
* PS: Did you guys ever goof around on set?
BD: We had some really great guest stars. Nick Swardson played a part, who’s wonderful. We had Nicole Kidman come on set, and we had Dave Matthews, we had really funny characters. So every day was just tonnes of laughs, with people improv-ing and making different jokes, so it was really fun to see a film come together naturally in that way.
* PS: Did Jen and Nicole offer encouraging words?
BD: They were so sweet, just the whole time they were so encouraging—they knew it was my first movie. So they were more than generous with being patient and just pulling me along the whole way.
* PS: What did you make of Jen and Nicole’s big hula scene?
BD: It was a really amazing scene, it’s going to be so hysterical—the two of them together are unbelievable! But I wasn’t there to even get to be a part of the hula scene—I actually saw it on TV like everyone else did.
* PS: Were you there when Heidi Montag shot her scenes?
BD: I was on set! She’s amazingly sweet. She’s really sweet and actually played her character so well—she’s very funny, she’s surprisingly funny. She’s a true sweetheart, she was a really good girl on set. . . you get to see a really comedic side of her, and she’s really good at it.
* PS: Was it comfortable shooting in your bikini?
BD: They were like, ‘Oh, this is more the costume you’re used to. . . ‘ I did some bikini scenes, and they were funny! It’s going to be funny when people see the actual movie come out, because I know pictures came out and you see girls in bikinis and you instantly think, ‘Whatever.’ But when the movie comes out, you see it’s in a very funny way, and we’re poking fun at ourselves. It was fun. I definitely upped the training for that scene.
* PS: What do you work out to?
BD: Everything from Jay-Z, I have U2, the Killers. . . I have Taylor Swift, good music and bad music—anything really that has a beat and will keep me moving. Jay-Z and Black Eyed Peas are big ones.
* PS: Do you ever work out with Andy [Roddick]?
BD: I train with my husband’s trainer, and he trains athletes so he puts me through an athletic workout, which is really cool. In no way shape or form could I ever keep up with a professional athlete, since I’m a model and not an athlete, but I like to pretend that I do their workout. So I do a lot of hurdles and medicine ball work, a lot of track work. It’s really stimulating. It’s really fun.
* PS: Do you have any movies planned after this one?
BD: Not yet! We’re hoping for one in late Fall or early 2011, so unfortunately I can’t talk about them because it’s all super-secretive! We’re hoping for another film to be released in 2012, but we’ll see!