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Sep 11,2011

6th Annual Andy Roddick Foundation Charity Gala

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While researching the 6th Annual Andy Roddick Foundation Charity Gala (September 21, 2011 to include cocktails, dinner, a live auction and an intimate performance by Sir Elton John) I was sucked into Roddicks Twitter Feed after I noticed him retweeting like it was his last day on earth. It started with one ‘update’ he sent to his 719,000+ fans around the world:

“We will never forget…… I am a proud American.”

And after that, Roddick literally retweeted hundreds and hundreds of some of the messages he received in response from fans around the world…and it made for a beautiful read.  Granted, many athletes were sharing 9/11 messages-but Andy seemed to be the only one retweeting and not watching football (thank gawd).

For those not sucked into the Twitter void yet, here’s a small sampling of the messages Roddick received and retweeted for all to read:

Your friends in Canada stand with you today to join in remembering heroes of 9/11 and thanking and blessing the USA.

 I’m from Brazil and I stand with you and your country. God bless the USA. We will never forget.

 Many in Honduras, as I have, either worked or studied in the US, we are all together with every American on this anniversary!

 Japan is with you Andy, we will never forget.

 Hi Andy. Its 11pm here in the Philippines but I’m still watching CNN to remember 9/11. Filipinos are with you.

 We here from Kuwait take the hats off to all Americans, what a great nation!

 Condolences from Pakistan for all the victims of the horrendous tragedy of 9/11.10 years down the line – we will never forget!

 Horrible tragedy will never be forgotten all over the world… I am Ukrainian. I don’t want this to happen again.

I am from Venezuela and together we stand I am proud to live in the United States We Remember.

 Hi Andy. I’m here at Saudi Arabia, watching Al Jazeera to commemorates 9/11 attack. What a great nation you have.

 Fuerza from Peru. What happened 10 years ago is difficult to forget. I’m sure all the world is with America today #9.11Tweet

 Thought are for 9.11 from South Africa

 From Chile our thoughts are for all the American people this 9/11

 Prayers from Scotland. The solidarity of your nation is so admirable on 9/11. Difficult times. Stay strong all x

The messages to Roddick keep coming from the Netherlands, Scotland, Columbia, Uruguay, Indonesia, Israel, Dubai, Ecuador, Czech Republic, Vietnam, India and Algeria…essentially giving me reason to believe that twitter really isn’t such a bad thing after all.

In 2001 Andy began the Andy Roddick Foundation, a charity dedicated to “Serving Children Today for Tomorrow.” The goal of the Andy Roddick Foundation is to improve the quality of life and enhance educational and economic opportunities for all children based on the principles of respect for family, education and morality. To date the foundation has raised more than $10 million.

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May 30,2011

Women’s Health Australia!

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We have some great news for Brooklyn’s aussie fans, she’s this month’s cover girl for Women’s Health Magazine! Here’s a preview of the cover, it looks like it’s a reprint from her USA editorial but we’re not sure yet … We’ll be looking out for more info!