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Oct 01,2011

Andy Roddick Owns Three Wedding Rings

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Andy Roddick can’t seem to keep track of his bling.

The 29-year-old tennis pro’s wife, supermodel-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker, tells ATP World Tour that Roddick is currently wearing his third wedding band in two years.

“When we first got married he bought a second wedding ring so that if he lost his I would never know,” she said. “But one is significantly shinier than the other!”

Though Roddick recently tried to pull a fast one on Decker, 24, the What to Expect When You’re Expecting star wasn’t fooled.

“I got home today and I was like, ‘What’s wrong with your ring?’ and he goes, ‘I’m so sorry! I lost one so I had to go buy another one.'”

At the rate Roddick is going, “it’s gonna cost him a fortune,” Decker estimates. “He might as well get a Ring Pop and stick it on there!”

Roddick and Decker tied the knot on April 17, 2009, at his Austin, Texas home.

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